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SUBMITTED THE short stories. The fine tuning of my beauty contest entry will resume until Sunday night when I intend to submit it. Then the current short story I am writing will continue for submission this June. Deadlines. The kind that I like. There’s nothing like putting words on paper.
I AM currently reading all the urbanista articles from the guardian.co.uk and is halfway done. Whoever did Manila could have done a much better job. So far, the Helsinki entry is my favorite with Paris a very close second. I hope a Dunlin entry appears soon.
AS OF now, my co-workers are:

– sculpturs (2)

– illustrators (2)

– perfumier 

– writers (2, with me included)

– art teacher

– surfer duddete & resident activist

– film editor

– musician (part time during off tours)

YEP, WE all do things outside if the 9-to-5.
THE MISSUS is back with pens and books and coffee. Lucky me.


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FINISHED THE line edits of my entry to this year’s premiere beauty contest of Filipino literary writers. The manuscript has been formatted to conform to the official rules of contest and has been santized of tell-tale details, mostly the slug that confirms my name, contact details, and word count. A couple more of read through, one silent and the other aloud and if there are no more kinks, the work will be submitted for judging. (I miss submitting hardcopy, at the thirteenth hour, just to see the faces of fellow sleep-deprived writers desperately wanting a beer.) As I have said, that literary beauty contest is just like money: those who have it say you don’t need it, those who don’t have it, desperately wants it. Me, I think every serious writer should aspire to win one only because, it is very important to be sure where you stand. Also, in this day and age when those who can tweet calls himself a writer, having an award is one way to stop that tomfoolery.

A COUPLE of publication-ready short stories needs to be line edited as well. I hope to send out one by next month at the latest. Then the current story I am writing needs to be looked upon with fresh eyes–the form needs to be tightened and although I have a solution in mind, this thing needs a bit of thinking.

THAT IS the writing life, my friends.


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WE FINALLY reached the upper seventies F, the warmest of the year so far. Sightings of humans in shorts and slippers, a couple of females sans bra.

THE WEEKEND started with laundry. Nothing like getting everything smelling of fabric softener and changing the linens with fresh ones. Made myself some tuysilog while the machines did their jobs. The tuyo was the bottled kind, filled and in olive oil with chilli bits. The eggs were a couple of sunny side up, tostado at the edges, malasado at the center. The rice, fried and sprinkled with toasted garlic bits that my in-laws brought over from Q-Mart last December. Everything starts with a good breakfast. Finished the days newspaper as well as all the prerecorded shows on the the DVR before I headed out to the tasks: a bank run to withdraw my cash allowance for the next two weeks and followed by buying a couple of flowery plants. Springing the house as most trees are still leafless.

LUNCH WAS shake shack. Cheeseburger and and fries and tap water. That burger chain can really do no wrong. I think ┬áthe secret (if it is even a secret) is in using real meat in the patty. Anyway, a very cheap and delicious late lunch that doesn’t happen very often.

THE WEEKEND continue with watching Unfriended. It looked really crappy on the trailer, but it was quite a solid horror movie. I know the tech will be outdated in about 5 years at the latest (what, facebook, skype, spotify?) but for but for now it worked a perfect vehicle of the narrative. Plus, insight into the youths of America.

I STARTED my ticking off of my culinary bucket list of the West Village. Da Andrea was had plus Lumpia Shack. Ony around a dozen more on the list, collected from various NYT articles and previous first hand sightings when we walked around the place. All yelp-free, of course.

TODAY, THE agenda is to write and try to finish this short story. All continue the line edits of the stage play.

BUT FIRST, I have to cook some eggs and buy some croissants, and brew some coffee for breakfast.



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