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1. WE ARE going to Spain and do some reverse-conquistadoring. Via Dublin because I can’t set foot in Europe without dropping by in the city where I left my heart.
2. JOY JUST got word of her pay increase and bonus and we are very happy indeed. She has been with the firm for 15 years servicing 3 continents this last 3 years and I think she deserves all good things. Next year, she aims for partnership and then I can retire for real this time and just write books. Really.


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ALMOST A year of full time employment (plus a year as a freelancer) by these lovely hipsters and if there is one thing I learned, it is this: losing one’s cool at work is a sign of intellectual weakness. And my office mates are filmmakers, poets, sculptors, musicians producing real art with real market value.
COMPARE THAT with my last job in advertising whose head was a sodomist who has never made art in his life who makes it a high light of his day to lose his shit for everyone to witness like a baklang parlor.


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FRIDAY I finished the story clocking at 5,129 words after 14 days of marathon writing. From the moleskin to the bond paper to the macbook. I saved and printed the manuscript and kept in my bag foe Monday’s edit while lunching in Brooklyn. The submission is the end of the month and then it would be another four months of forgetting about it.

THE ONLY thing so far is that the writing gods have been kind so far: an acceptance into one of the year’s most expected anthology (Phil Spec Fic Volume 10) and a Palanca Award for my stage play (to be performed at the Awards Nights). Also, I feel that this story I just finished is one of the best that I have ever produced. Don’t ask me, I  just know.

PREP TIME for the travel home. Packing and such. Good thing we both have our Global Entry, one less headache to wory about. I hope we get an upgrade to Business Class or at least an access to the lounge.
SUMMER IS ending. There is that chill in the air. Sunsets before 8 PM. That early smell of Halloween. 

SEE YOU in Manila people.


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