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1. AND SO St. Patrick’s Day came and went and this year we did not go out for the celebratory (read: obligatory) round of the dark stuff. Me and the missus were both so busy that we both decided that it is not just worth the trouble going down the nearest “pub” to drink a lukewarm Guinness served in a disposable glass. We both really miss Ireland, particularly Dublin, particularly The Old Stand Pub where we both know all barkeeps by name and where we spent most of nine months drinking the drink of the Irish. Just recalling all the happy times is torture for me like you wouldn’t believe. Imagine going to the same pub seven days a week to the point that a table would miraculously appear despite the crown and the hour and our drinks’ foam would be meticulously art directed with a shamrock every single time. This, in a real pub that feels like a home: low light, football on the TV, barkeeps in ties and long sleeves who can talk world economics and world literature. My fondest memory was knowing a former Secretary of Interior from Norway who said that I look like a writer. Such is the crowd of that pub. Anyway, this year is the year we return to that magical place.

2. THE WEATHER is still shit. Spring arrives tomorrow with, guess fucking what? Snow!


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I JUST want to get this one pager summary done so that this current writing project could be done. Deadlines? They come in packs like ravenous wolves. 

SUMMARIES ARE very difficult to write, at least for me, because I see it as a very easy way out of reading what I have done. By the last week of August, all these will make sense.

FOR NOW, I am just looking forward to a real Spring.

OH, TOMORROW is KGB bar time. Russian beer fuckers!


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MARCH FUCKING March. Just came from my cardiologist and did a stress-echo test and am very pleased with the results. 110/80 for as long as near forever. This, after a 12 hour fast and 36 hours sans medicines. The last time I did this was at the Makati Med where I failed spectacularly mainly because the lack of bedside manners of everyone from the doctors to the techs are just beyond fucking belief. Today, one of the best things of living in NYC is having an awesome doctor who lowers by blood pressure just by being awesome. I kid not. So normal BP, normal heart. I should be back to my old sordid ways. Har-har.

TO CELEBRATE, lunch would be lamb offal soup and spicy pork bun at Xi’an Famous Foods.

THE STAGEPLAY is teasing me. I have to get back to it as the deadline approaches. Also other writing projects need to be started.

I AM looking forward to next week when the KGB Bar hosts Fantastic Fiction Wednesday and I get to meet one of my favorite living authors. I plan to bring two books to be signed while drinking strong Russian beer.

THAT’S IT for now. Gotta write.


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