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Weekend plans:

1. Wear shorts to work Friday and go home by lunch time. Turn both ACs at home and sleep.

2. Eat at Momosan–for maybe the 22nd time, we actually lost count.

3. Watch the film “Don’t Breath” Friday night.

4. Watch the play “The Layover” Saturday afternoon followed by some kinda heavy, OK, very heavy drinking.

5. Watch the play “Oslo” Sunday afternoon.

6. Book Lisbon hotel & tour Sunday afternoon.

7. Watch finale of “The Night Of” Sunday night.

Fall is almost here. Soon, ba-bye to this endless bummer.


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As a writer who write political shit, I am enjoying too much the 2016 US Presidential Elections. 

Photos, from my iPhone as I have nothing to report.


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I’ve mentioned before that there is another cinephile in the office who makes  going to work at least bearable. We have the same enthusiasm, if not aesthetic, for good films whether it be Hollywood, indie, or foreign. Yes, the word “art” has not been mentioned once in our talks. I think we got into this when I’ve mentioned that I saw both “Following” and “Memento” in cinemas and not on streaming. So, respect. Mutual respect.

Anyway, we are putting together a google docs of what we consider as the best films to share with another officemate who has, according to us, missed a lot of good films. We shall see. This list, so far, will also be my basis to rewatch certain films via Netfilx Blu-Ray (less temptation than streaming, you have to commit putting in the disc into the player, yes, what has the world come to?).

As of tonight, I will be rewatching Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine” easily one strongest third acts in film history.

We have also talked about staging a Nicholas Cage Direct-to-Video Film Festival. We are kidding. Also, we are fucking serious.


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