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IF YOU know where to look, my novel is now being serialized chapter by chapter in this really cool socmed site for the designy crowd.
A LONG weekend ahead and I look forward to cooking breakfast (silogs) and drinkinh vino at Martha’s Vineyard. Also catching up on my reading and writing.
A GREAT accomplishment over the weekend was applying for a global entry as well as the NYC ID. I am looking forward to both as airport lines are getting really annoying as fuck and the city ID opens a lot of cultural doors, not to mention its legit coolness.
MORE ON the weekend as it happens.


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SUMMER SOLSTICE yesterday. Starting today, the days will be getting shorter and shorter until we hit winter. The temperature is still in the 80s and might hit the 90s within the week. I hope we avoid a heatwave the way we did last year.

CATCHING UP on my summer reading. Mostly crime novels and short stories. Writing a lot of notes for the next work of fiction. Avoiding blogs and click baits and all social media except twitter, which is starting to lose its appeal & might be dropped and erased within the year.

WHERE ARE the summer movies?


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SUBMITTED THE story so now it’s just a matter of waiting. And more writing than waiting.
TODAY IS Bloomsday and I will drink Guinness instead of Bordeaux at an Irish pub near the house. Tomorrow, I drink Russian beer at the KGB Bar for the Fantastic Fiction reading. Maybe cheap Yakitori for dinner.
THE LEVEL of hilarity of American politics is nearing the level of Philippine politics. Which could only be a good thing. 
MORE REPORTS when I am on my laptop.


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