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Stuff and shit.
It snowed last Friday with windchill only to be dissolved by lunchtime. Yes, the weather is getting weird. We are so fucked if this continues. There might be another chance of snow and although this winter is not exactly winter, I am done with this season. At least the birds are back by our balconies (plural!) which makes waking up a bit easy. This winter is the start of the season when we never slept to a full heater, the most that we could do was set the temperature on auto. Once during the deep freeze on the first week of winter and the second was during the blizzard. Otherwise, we just open the window. Global warming, let’s continue to deny it baby.
There are Poe and Shakespeare apps in my phone. Also, I have the complete discography of The Beatles and Metallica, back before the cloud was invented.

The Francais book festival continues. Three more books to be read before I take a break and read some pulp. Palate cleanser.
Small victory: our rent for 2016 did not increase. That’s 1.5 bath of pure awesome. Words fail me how happy I am as we have already budgeted an increase when we did the maths this year. Part of the maths is taxes of course and if the trajectory of household income continues, I might quit my job and go back to freelance so we get to keep more money. Tax brackets in this country is weird like you wouldn’t believe, thankfully the wife is an accountant.
I have to go back to my screenplay and stageplay and I am nervous as nervous could be.

We have rediscovered how relaxing it is to have a salt bath on a Saturday afternoon. The trick is to have a shower first, then run the bath second. Optional but highly encouraged: vino, and music via bose speakers.


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Exactly 8 years ago today we landed in New York’s JFK International Airport.

We’re still here today, legally as immigrants with a permanent residence status. Even more important, we are enjoying it here.

Only two thing make us happy to be living in New York, what the Western media has dubbed to be the greatest city in the world:

1.  We don’t have FOMO. Fear of missing out is what makes New Yorkers so miserable. We’re both very lucky that we don’t give a shit about the latest “in” thing. On the contrary, we laugh at the face of whatever everyone is so busy pursuing.

2.  We are both ready to pack our stuff and go back to Manila where there are family and friends and employment waiting for us.

But fuck. 8 years, baby!


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Friday. I went home at exactly 5 PM to a very manageable commute which could only be attributed to sensible New Yorkers going home earlier than me or having taken the day off in preparation of the blizzard. Dropped by at the supermarket and bought: a dozen eggs, wasabi peas, spring onions, and two huge curts of swordfish steak. I might have been the only who did not panic buy.

At home, I cooked the steak in olive oil, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, garlic, lemon slices, and white wine. Served with rice and that was dinner. After, we continued the telenobela and drank some wine and beer. Yes, we are that couple. I prepped my writing desk before we slept.
Saturday. Woke up as early as 6 in the morning and took a look around and saw the snow. Rescued the weekend’s NY Times and cooked breakfast. SpamSiLog and tuna omellete and Cafe du Monde beans for our coffee. Polished chapter 1, finished chapter 2, started chapter 3 as I waited for Joy to wake up.

We finished breakfast watching the news then as soon as I finished washing the dishes, we resumed the telenobela. Took a break after maybe three episodes to write as Joy did the expenses. The blizzard is now in full swing. Which means that we have to go outside. We trekked towards Central Park stopping every avenue to take photos. We roamed the park and settled for a round of drinks at the Boathouse where I got a doubles Jameson. That’s liquied fireplace for you. As we were keeping ourselves warm, we saw the blizzard gathering strength.

Thankfully, the trip home was uneventful except for avoiding a couple of near slips in cloud-soft snow. Dinner was arroz caldo: chicken backs grilled over oil and then added with stock and slow cooked till the rice was gooey enough. Added sea salt and served it with: garlic bitz, spring onions, white peppers, boiled egg. We saw the first episode of London Spy and resumed the telenobela. Over wine, of course.
Today, Sunday. A breakfast of toast using Irish butter and cooked on an iron skillet, scrambled eggs, coffee. Saw a refugee crisis debate via the BBC. We went to church and had lunch at an open Japanese restaurant. Shrimp tempura and miso soup and salad and what passes for California roll.

On the list today are: laundry, printing tax stuff and concert tickets, buying tomorrow’s breakfast, reading, writing. In between these:  watching the new X-Files, watching an HBO comedy, watching a B movie on Netflix, and more of that telenobela. No siesta. No time for siesta despite the cold.


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