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SUMMER IN full swing. Temperature in the 90s and thank fuck both our AC units have been fixed. We actually use a comforter to sleep. The thing about summer is that you see ads all bout autumn. Even the stores have put shorts and tsinelas on sale and bubble jackets and hoodies are now on display.
LAST FRIDAY, we got our photos taken for the global entry ID. Finally, goodbye to lining up, having my junk x-rayed and the rest of my body fondled, taking off of shoes, and removal of laptop. Basically, civilization once again. This is huge for me as lines of all kinds always causes my BP to shoot up.
IF ALL goes according to plan, the novel will get a wide release next year just in time for the elections.
JOY’S CALVARY to the partnership training is finally behind us. Now all we have to do is wait for a year or so before she applies for partnership as that is how things are done around here. As always, we pray and we hope but we do not expect.
SAW THE latest woody allen over the weekend and Phoenix, a mindblowing german film. Just can’t for the new M:I this saturday. That, and running the summer streets at Park Ave.
NOW GOTTA go work.


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A LOT of things happening. From picking up Joy in a hospital fit for Hannibal Lecter, to 90s temperature, to our broken bedroom toilet. There’s also Excel at work that I have to deal with. 
TOMORROW WE spend a hundred bucks each to score global entry IDs. After, we are going to watch the latest Woody Allen film in a midtown theater.
THE NEXT novel’s idea is starting to take shape.


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SUMMER IS finally here. Humidity and heat although we are not yet into heatwave territory.

THE FOURTH of July was spent at Martha’s Vineyard by way of Boston. The vineyard, the famous vineyard, is your typical small town island, made even more dreamy by the price of the real estate and the names of lot owners as well as vacationers. Also, Jaws was filmed there. We had a bus tour conducted by an old Irishman, we roamed around by the pier, we saw a FIFA game in one of the bars. I had oysters and a couple of PBR. It was expensive as expected. At least, the ferry back to Boston has a bar with cheap beer.

THE ID’s are in the works. The NYC ID will pop in the mail very soon and we already secured an interview for the Global Entry ID. This one means no more passport stamps upon entering the US and other affiliates but it also means no more taking off of shoes, having your junk X-rayed, and lining up at the security gate. This could easily be the most sensible one hundred dollars that we are spending this year.

TIME TO work. Tomorrow, we watch the Foo Fighters live.


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