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BEFORE THE 15th of next month, I need to have a submission-worthy story written down. I am not yet in panic mode as I do have a story written down that just need a major overhaul. I have unwrapped a Moleskin notebook just for this effort. All the characters, all the scenes are there, it is just the telling that needs some work. Maybe when I do panic, it will come. But anyway, yes, a new short story.

THERE IS nothing like bottle of Rioja and jamon Serrano to speaks very eloquently that life is worth living.

IF YOU know where to look, I just debuted my copywriting skillz in this side of the globe. Pun-loving hipster approved no less.

THIS MIGHT just be the summer that we go sequel-less. The appeal of blockbusters have started to fade since last year and we plan to avoid every single blockbuster film most especially sequel except for Mission Impossible. We plan to compensate by spending money on independent films and the dinner that comes after.

NOW ON to the communal table thingy. This thing is premised, of course, on maximizing profit. And I am all for profit. Except that Americans are the least sociable person on earth. Yep. Remember, being sociable is vastly different from being talkative. Now this is very disturbing indeed because eating in a high priced restaurant needs all the comforts that you can have. If you are paying for a 50$ bone marrow, you should at least be able to slurp the goodness out of that bone with total abandon. But try doing that with 19 other people looking at you. I witnessed this phenomenon on our last trip where the said lover of bone marrow have to surrender and have the thing wrapped (pray, what will you do with a coagulated marrow but throw it in the bin?). Thankfully, me and the missus have a strategy when faced with communal tables. First, if possible, we request to be seated at the bar. It is quick and yes, more private. Sure the bartender is there but there is nothing like offering him your food to make him go away. Two, if communal table is the only way to go, the best way to go about it is to be communal. Share the fucking food with everyone. Believe you me, this will put you in control of the situation. One, the unsociable will politely decline and leave you to yourself. Two, the really sociable will partake and you will be put at ease. And three, the really sociable will also offer you a portion of their food. And viola, communal table as it should be. And oh fuck yes, we did this at the Publican in Chicago with a lovely German couple (not married to each other, but the girl, it turned out, was married to a Pinoy. She is the boss of the other German and it was a business lunch).

TO THE two people in Manila reading this, I miss you.


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FINISHED A couple of days ago the book that I am currently obsessed with and I love it very much indeed. In this day and age when plotless novels that are nothing but navel gazing is the flavor of the moment, it is very refreshing to stumble upon a work that is so solidly plotted. As in shit fucking happens, characters do change, and the human experience is taken to the extreme. Aristotle got it right: narrative is about the arc. Novels that are nothing but thinly disguised autobiographies disturbs me. Even more disturbing are the mushrooming of this crap. Like what I have always said, once you spot a trend, you are already too late my friend. Take Brooklyn and beards. I rest my case. Anyway, yes, things need to change in a story and not just about the postive going to into the negative but to the negation of the negation (as in love, apathy, hatred, hatred masquerading as love). Go Aristotle!
CHICAGO AND pork. There is a certain something with how this city loves pork. We have conquered Girl and a Goat, The Publican, Little Goat, and The Purple Pig. All delisyoso. The greatest so far is the meal at  the Girl and a Goat where a very young girl devoured pig’s face. Tapa, marketed as pork shank could also be had and I fear that Pinoy fares have already been Americanized. At the Purple Pig, we had pig ears with massaged kale topped with egg. Tell me it’s not a slightly healthy version of sisig. And the pork shank. Although without the toe nails, tell me it is not crispy pata.
I HAVE something to say about restaurants and communal tables but I will reserve it for another post.

Science VS Faith

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MY DOS centimos on the Hype of the Century also known as the Mayweather – Pacquiao Match.

THERE IS only one question I want to ask Manny Pacquiao, the Philippine Champion and absentee congressman. What does your newfound faith tell you to do?

FAITH HAS been known to do unreal things. People have freely given their income, said no to blood transfusions, driven planes to buildings. All in the name of their god. It is possible that Pacquaio, in his newfound faith, also loved his enemy, as commanded by the bibl

THE LAST time the fighting politician really entered the ring with murder in his mind was during the Hatton match. After that, faith intervened. And who can say no to the guidance of the holy spirit in the form of the dozens of alipores conducting the bible studies? I have been part of a bible studying cult before so I know how it feels to let the lord guide your life, or in th case of Pacquiao, your left hand.

AND ON the other hand, pun intended, Mayweather, did it via science. The mere fact that Mayweather just shut up with zero thrashtalking meant he knew how to defeat Pacquiao–the very same strategy that should have been taken by the congressman. Train hard, shun media whores, and let the punching do the talking. But no, he has to buy a house, invite a cabal of bible nuts to sing the anthem, and do his “training” in public. I have no words.

WHAT’S ALSO funny is the reaction of the crowd. Everyone knew that Mayweather would play it safe (read: measured punches, running around, letting the fight drag on). Everyone knew that Pacauaio needed a KO (but how can you do that when you are supposed to love your enemies?). But when Mayweather did what was expected and won, there was that feeling of we wuz robbed. Pray, how exactly where we robbed? It all went to plan. According to Mayweather’s plan. It was a very scientific approach and sad to say, last Saturday was one of those days when science proved to be mightier than blind faith. They don’t call boxing the sweet science for nothing.


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