s m o r g a s w o r d


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SPRING CALLED. Her flight has been delayed.


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STILL IN deep fucking freeze.

STILL WEARING warmers and scarf.

IF YOU go to any fashion store in Manhattan, you won’t be able to buy woolen jackets, gloves, scarves, thermal underpants. That is how stupid marketing is.

I HAVE a question to the 2 people reading this blog: if I finish my screenplay, would you produce it? Remember, I have never written a novel before but by the time I actually did one, it won the fucking grand prize in the Palanca. Apply that discipline to screenwriting and lo and fucing behold…


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TODAY, I’VE done two things never done before:

1-wore a scarf that Sunny gave me as a going away gift to NYC years ago, and

2-wore warmers that I bought at the Greenbelt Marks&Spencer just before we immigrated.

That’s how cold it is. And this weekend, it is going to snow. My mind is in Coron, Palawan and I am on the shore drinking San Miguel Pale.

Fuck this weather.


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