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spamalot, the world’s largest coconut orchestra lived to broadway’s expectation. gay. but it is the happy kind of gay, compared to rent. xanadu, which i haven’t seen and don’t plan to, maybe takes the cake when it comes to gayness. for wicked, that much hyped book adaptation, we shall see. august is the schedule although a last minute lottery at the door is tempting. but no, EQ prevails lest the wife boots me back to manila. hehehe.


new orphans

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because the best part of the indiana jones movie was the dark knight trailer, i got myself a couple of books. the first one was jeanette winterson’s *the stone gods* while the other was nick hornby’s *how to be good*. the first, i’ve always wanted to buy while the second was by pure impulse. after having just finished *gone bamboo* i don’t really know what to pick up. winterson? i have read a book of hers long ago, *written on the body,* what attracted me to this new book was its premise which leans towards a sci-fi mold. it’s always a surprise when literary (because there is no other term) authors tries this. think kazuo ishiguro who wrote *the remains of the day* but gave us *when we were orphans*. that kind of surprise. as for the nick hornby, i’m just curious after seeing in film two of his books. we shall see.

note: finding *the stone gods* at the strand kiosk at central park made me forgot to snap a pic. hence, the apple store, diagonally opposite the kiosk.


snapshots from the long weekend

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one of those rare times when the weekend meant a thursday and monday holiday so it was a long weekend indeed. saturday, i think, was the day summer was officially declared with the beaches finally been opened (one dude from the apartment wrestled a surfboard into his 4×4 while in his suit and tie on wednesday AM). while we didn’t go near any beaches (coney island is happening in june, freakshow and barbecue, here i come), we explored the west side of the island in search of sunset. at the upper part, the view was monopolized by a mexican bar full of dog-friendly people getting drunk at 4 peyem. noisy, rowdy, the smell and smoke of sizzling barbecue permeates the air. must be a college dive as i saw a forlorn piece of black lace panties on the floor (the perv in me scanned the crowd for peeps in spring dress seating atop a guy to no luck). the next day, i introduced to the wife the idea of getting lost (always the best way to find second hand bookstores and the literally hole in the wall peeping galleries, told you i am a perv). so we decided to get lost some more taking the metrocard and some cash with total disregard for maps (not even on the iPhone and the train stations). wound up at the west, lower side, at the meatpacking district. saw the saatchi and saatchi building, yes building. a lot of sk8er bois showing off and goth girls waitressing bars. saw a photoshoot in one of the inner streets. the sunset view was better, no monopoly and there were a lot of chairs as it was a park. clean restrooms too. snap snap of the digicam until the battery drains out and when we returned, we ourselves, were drained as well.


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the intelligence that gave us the microwave and nuclear power also gives us a lame excuse to put a septuagenarian back in the jungle where instead of simian brain sushi, the squirm factor is left to a single snake and a gazillion of ants. 

tentacled things

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i’m still catching my breath.

for nej

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this week is fleet week when navy boys (literally teens who are earning some college money or some such reason) roam the city in uniform. all the better to stand out from the crowd and project the rhyming words of *seamen* and *semen* (randomly saw the sex and the city episode, rerun of course). even patriotic bars offer happy hours all night to our friends from the fleet. i managed to snap a few shots at times square. from afar of course.

catching up

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one of the ways to take back what stress has taken away is to read a book whenever it feels like it is a good time to read one. and now i’m making good my promise of going beyond my comfort zone (exploring books outside of horror and its incestuous cousins but drawing the line on chick lit).

as a background: this has its origin in college when i have *the rhyme of the ancient mariner* for breakfast, *gone with the wind* for lunch and *dubliners* for dessert (at least *finnegan’s wake* wasn’t required reading). dessert and snacks are free for all. the experience was courtesy of the most useless course in the world, bachelor of arts, major in english. while i cringe – and still do – at the mention of those words, most of my classmates would relish how it rolls out the tongue back then. these are the same one who are now manning the banks as tellers. or as sales rep of travel agencies. with that in perspective, imagine the liberation that poppy z. brite brought. and then i was seduced into the dark side, enjoying its dark delicacies. not only was my reading focused, it also save a lot of energy, not to mention time and money (same principle with shirts – i go to a store and get out if there’s nothing black there).

so i spent last night until around 3.15 in the ayem reading something pop, jonathan lethem’s *you don’t love me yet*. while i would rather read something of the edgar allan poe variety at this kind of hour, it was good nonetheless. the beer also helped, too.


onwards with dogwalking, bravely.

work from home

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joy stayed home for the day, doing whatever needs to be done through her phone and laptop. that called for something soupy and shrimpy thus the sinigang na hipon. pardon the photography and the foodstyling or its lack of. later, we will take a walk in the park for some cardio and booze money before i cook menudo.


the takeover of street urchins

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the school around seven buildings up is holding a school fair/fund raising event complete with games, DJ’s booth and food stalls. took some pics to document this as all traces will disappear come 5 peyem. all the noise and ruckus is better than the sound of sirens and horns. had i not cooked my lunch, i would have sampled a chinese takeout with a fortune cookie. but there’s always the cotton candy for dessert. on the thrift shop at the end of the block, managed to score anthony bourdain’s *gone bamboo* his first fiction and POD’s latest outing, *when angels and serpents dance* at a dollar each. not a bad way to start the week. now, if only the sun will keep shining.

time to walk the dog and work the heart.

for dante and sunny

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managed to squeeze ourselves into a fair. food stalls line up both sides of the avenue and all kinds of food to represent babeldom can be had. managed to eat as many as i can. bought some condiments. and an african jazz CD. burp!