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tssmr: wall•e

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there’s romeo and juliet and there’s wall•e and eve except that these duosyllabic robots’ analog amore and digital desire do not end in ill-timed suicides. 

to pee or not to pee

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whoever is in charge of the rain heard my complaint about it being just a drizzle. this saturday afternoon was all about downpour. on the way to the park to get our tickets for hamlet, it was a cinematographer’s wet dream – pun intended. every street is shiny reflecting and refracting light and metaphors and symbolisms could be had by the dozen for free. thankfully, the rains stopped two hours before the performance (the back-up plan is WALL•E) and i saw the longest play of my entire life.  if it ran for another hour, it would be a lav diaz movie (note the choice of words). i know shakespeare is the man but should every line be relished? all in all, it was really good and it is something to be refreshed of the bard’s immortal words like 

    there’s the rub

    shuffling off the mortal coil

    despair, thy name is woman

etc, etc that is not a review for a quiz.

tssmr: wanted

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blood, bullets, angelina jolie’s butt – who gives a shit about flaws in plot when you can have fun?

i expected wesley gibson to mutter “are you fucking darth vader?” at the train scene, but no, didn’t happen. as i’ve said, the bullet hitting bullet is enough to offset that.

new orphans

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this is a 1 dollar find from the same thrift shop up the street. i’ve always wanted to read ellis after seeing american psycho. the cover looks good too. the title (embossed white on white, how very you-know-who) reads: less than zero. of course, it is set in the 90s LA.

the second, *the unblemished* by conrad williams, i’ve found at barnes 5th ave, during my friday cardio (35 fucking blocks of walking, i shit you not) as i went to joy’s office for a friday dinner and to watch wanted the movie. this, after reading *use once and destroy* by the same author last year, i have to find. the strand failed me and since this is a brit author (i’m a fan of both their humor and horror), the only hope would be the internet and a paperback reprint. the paperback came first (although i have seen this at power books before in its first hardbound edition and before it won the IHG award) and it is by, take a guess, virgin books. that man richard branson knows how to pick his titles. 

right. this post has too much fucking parenthesis already and i’ve just remembered that it is SIR richard branson.


“i am a false prophet and god is a superstition”

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the rain, just drizzles actually that comes and goes unwanted has been at it since the weekend.

monday, there was a window of opportunity and we went to the park for the ny philharmonic orchestra. the flight of the bumblebee morphed into purple haze, ruled.

3-hour cardio is taking the backseat because of the rain and is being replaced with 3 DVDs a day, thanks to the library. recent films viewed are:

• persepholis – punk’s not dead in iran, yeah!

• untraceable – the japanese movie this have been ripped off from deserves a credit

• atonement – the typewriter score killed me

• there will be blood – haven’t read the book “oil” but this film is a beauty.

i’ve always wondered when the converse of “luke, i am your father” would be used as a final act turning point and lo and behold, we have “you are not my son. you have none of me in you. you are a bastard in a basket. i just used you to buy land.” and who can resist the destruction of eli sunday in the end?

as tomorrow is friday, i hope *wanted* won’t suck.


i bet my left testicle…

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…that nobody’s going to jail for the ferry owned by sulpicio lines that capsized.

nobody was held accountable (both from the company and the government) when the same lines killed around 4,000 passengers, why would 800 persons be any different?


“i’m something of a scientist myself”

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once again, the wifey have to peel me off the book for church and a much needed cardio-walk.

the church was bearable, i’m not much into religion after reading the bible and then some while in grade school (don’t ask – it’s not your sunday school variety but more of a theological course, and i must say, the book of revelations is one book that would best all other horror obras) but i adore the pomp and pageantry of the catholic mass and well as the cannibalistic metaphor of take my body and drink my blood. way better than being a scientologist, i presume and yes, i’ve also read l. ron hubbard’s *dianetics* – his most famous sci-fi tome although tom cruise would disagree with me.

so it was reading and church and reading and lunch and reading and siesta and reading and bathing and reading and then the much needed cardio. it rained a bit but we managed to do a respectable 2-hour brisk walking around the park. we saw laura linney – her face is the same on tv, the cinema and in real life. we also say the usual musicians, a bagpipe dude and the afro-dummers. there’s a pet turtle chilling near the bow bridge and a duck and her three beautiful ducklings swimming. 

and then i saw what i missed halfway into the walking – hamlet/hair by the public theater and summer stage. both for free, no less. well, there is always the next weekend, we just have to watch *wanted* on friday to maximize the coming saturday and sunday.

on the way home, we passed the carlyle where tom cruise and his family will be staying for the rest of the summer as kathie holmes does a broadway gig. 

{for some strange reason, wordpress isn’t uploading pics}

{for an equally strange reason, it just did}


why the library is saving me lots of dough

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that’s 35 dollars plus tax saved. lingering helps, was about to check out joe hill’s *20th century ghosts*as well as his father’s *the duma key* when i saw this on the cart and before it can be shelved for all to see, managed to grab it without any incident. it’s got a three-week reading time too. coolness.

where do old men go

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the contrast couldn’t be more any obvious. the way the city treats dogs and kids is the exact opposite of how it treats the old ones. every single day, i see a nearly departed hunched over a trash can looking for whatever it could scavenged. some have this little trollies, other just have a few pages of newspaper to cover their finds for a little fucking dignity. it is sad. but sadder is the fact that everyone pretends this is normal. and, i bet, if ever i get the courage to ask them if they need help, they will give me the middle finger fanfare and the fuck you felicitation. as gian would say, it makes baby jesus cry. 

barker borrowed

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was looking for DVD titles i haven’t yet seen from the library when i chanced upon this book. the author alone is enough to give me goosebumps so i took it home. it has a seven day, non-negotiable deadline but i might finish it tonight. earlier this year, the best story that i’ve encountered (so far) belongs to clive barker, entitled “in the hills, the cities”. this story is up there with david j. schow’s “expanding your capabilities using frame/shift mode” and china mieville’s “an end to hunger”.

of course, edgar allan poe, the grandaddy of goth, incest, and pedophilia (not to mention absinth) still rules.