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in a state of panic

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if only i could make it through friday am (manila), thursday pm (new york) i’ll be happy.

meanwhile, some gem. nothing could be truer.


4.50 am

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i just want to sleep. i miss valium.


oh, i hope mickey rourke wins as well as frost/nixon this sunday. i’m drunk.


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just saw anothony bourdain’s *no reservation* philippines. 

overall i found it to be very interesting. very, very interesting if compared to romania which he mocked throughout the show despite the halloween schedule and it being the land of vlad the impaler (aka the count).

the range of food presented were impressive as well especially the lato, pako, kilawing tuna, hambura (grilled okra and talong salad topped with dried shrimp slivers) adobong hipon, papaitan, sisig, and lechon. no balut  (which is good because it’s been done by andrew zimmer to death in most asian countries) unless they edited it. no bicol express, either.

something in his spiel grabbed me and i don’t know it it was a producer’s research info or his own observation: they love america here even thought we pummeled this land flat during the war. something like that. 

while claude tayag did a good job of showing him around, the pussy was drinking san mig light like a faggot during the entire segment and at dinner in his house, there were only two choices for beer. san mig light and san mig light. when asked about the inevitable question of what drives pinoy cuisine, he answered sour broth. i would have answered oil. not palm, or corn, or vegetable oil  but oil. mantika. the one that oozes out from pig fat and makes the lipitor guys billionaires.


officially, anthony bourdain has just declared that cebu’s lechon is the best ever. somebody should have served him the adobong pusit too.

gotham noir

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we never celebrate this pagan holiday except to go to UP and listen to bands and eat fishballs and jumbodog. but today, aside from the distance to UP,  we had to babysit one of joy’s very close and very intelligent friends who — like another girl i know — is very stupid when it comes to boys. we had no plans so there was no debate – we might as well make something out of this day because as the girl who shall not be named said “pa’no na ang pang facebook ko?”, dollars be damned. so we did the whole shit of eating out (italian which got the pizza and pasta right but not the calamari – and over whispery arias wafting through the room of balloon hearts, i was attempting to rap parokya’s *halaga* especially the line about “sa pag tiyaga mo dyan sa boyfriend mong tanga, tanga!) and watching three movies in a row and after, skating at the park – at least they did. i was already happy seeing *push* and *the international* and one chick movie that shall also remain unnamed onscreen and batman on the street plus knowing that there’s still a bottle of poisonous jack which, through yet another accidental discovery, goes well with kalamansi juice. and, one day of not opening MS Word is heaven nowadays so there you go. when the brain rests, the cardio exercises.

behind the cut in black and white, dante inspired.


















the feel of paper

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books, like cash, are so nice to hold. the smell, the texture, the sound.

an email alert for kindle version 2.0 just arrived and even though it looks iPod cool, the drool factor just wouldn’t appear (although the thought of saving a lot of trees entered my mind). maybe it’s the thought of having another electronic item that needs to be upgraded, charged, and the whole shit that comes with the deal. or the fact that you just can’t pick it up and go as it is still battery dependent. or the idea of not holding a real book where you can go back to a passage as quickly as you mind thinks it. plus, no one in the coming future would admire a bunch of zeroes and ones and say, “oh, you’ve got the first e-book edition of…”. and when the reasons just kept coming, i knew it was time to take the cursor off the 1-click order toggle and instead buy books. in paper and ink. trees, i recycle all forms of plastic including delivery containers, so peace.


printed matters waiting to be housed in the coming months. two from my favorite lesbian author (although the other cover is worthy of laura k. hamilton suckage-cum-abomination):




the wifey went to tennessee…

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…and all i got was a limited bottle of jack. cheers.




94 fucking proof. take that, pussies.

a small victory

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the wayfarer arriveth. in a rayban case. and it’s made in italy. i was expecting it to be ginormous but it was exactly the same size as the other glasses. win.  i think this how collecting anything – shoes, watches, bags, etc, starts. so i’m going to take a picture and do a side by side and then take off from the safari tab all rx glasses sites. the scrimping of beer money so i can have it lensed starts now.






the first one that’s already transition lensed at vision express last december and winter sun-tested last weekend.






a group picture so everyone’s happy…but i think a third pair would balance the layout.




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joy dragged my ass for some much needed cardio to central park. we did the reverse of our summer/fall route and nearly got lost. the park is a different animal altogether during winter, and when it is covered with snow. as always, at the bethesda fountain, two japanese tourists mistook me as a comrade and asked me to take their pics. kindness duty done, the walk home was brisker because of the cold and the hunger. managed to whisk tuna with tausi sauce and scrambled eggs before we collapsed on the sofa watching the food network.