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i miss you sunnnnyyyyeeeaaaaahhhh!!!

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autumn in new york, and to do a non-sequitor, a song that i have been lss-ing since last year was sung on glee. small victories need to be counted. no, it’s not a britney spears song but “the only exception” by paramore.

also, i miss sunny ng over just in case the title is still subtle as the “b” in subtle.

* * *

the next social media (medium?) is already in beta and i am excited like i have never been excited for a long time. it is based on the simple premise that it is doing everything that facebook is not supposed to be doing. one, privacy. two, ownership of contents. three, no ads and data mining to be sold to advertisers. and the list goes on. this might kill facebook, this might not. either way, as long as the kids doing it keep their word, i am in. and this time, i promise to limit my “friends” to my real friends –  all 17 of them. also, i will not post any vile, hateful, stupid, moronic status (stati?) ever. let’s go!

* * *

time for coffee, the village voice, and prepping the oven before i do the autumnal walk and jologize the MoMA.

“and i feel | so much depends on the weather”

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a week of humidity and now the rain and the cold are here for real. i am thankful that i ran 4 times last week as i am missing the sun already. this morning, running in the rain before breakfast is half as fun. no chicks in pekpek nyorts, for one.

* * *

“the fall” by chuck hogan and guillermo del toro from the library is proving to be a good read. next week, “under the poppy” by kathe koja will hit the shelves. i can’t wait for the book and for the reading at kgb bar this november. i passed on the guillermo del toro and william gibson readings (borders and barnes&noble, each a week apart) but a night at a bar where vodka and beer can be had cannot be sacrificed. i am getting ready to count my nickels and dimes to afford a drink or two.

* * *

tomorrow, there’s a screening of “bestseller” by lee jeong-ho (korea, from where else?) at the MoMA. “mother” by joon-ho bong from the library DVD  killed me. it seems that korea has got their own brand of horror, the real kind of horror that’s not dependent on gore, sound effects, lighting, monsters.

* * *

now i go bake some words in the oven before “glee” and “no ordinary family” over vino with madam rica yulo.

bradbury weather starts

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it’s official. fall arrived last night, minutes to midnight, hours after harvest moon. the weather was nice and warm the whole day and, in a twist of irony, we slept with the airconditioning on. the first time that i slept for 8 hours  in must have been weeks now and this morning over coffee, i feel that life does not really suck.

writing, writing, writing on bond paper and on the mac and i did 3 rounds at the park around 4 PM while the sun is still out for vitamina D. sweated like a pig, if pigs do sweat. watched the moon at the east river and then played “insomnia” by erik skjoldbjaerg on DVD over vino while rain fell out the window and fall descended. bradbury weather indeed.

it’s fringe season opener tonight. go, walter, go!

tilt shifting the moon over roosevelt island.

“if i want to seduce you, i’d be seducing you right now”

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–that diamond is what i just overheard out the window as i was maneuvering a very obnoxious sentence in the novel to kill all pinoy  novels.

i only wish that i have more alcohol to pull me through this all-nighter.

banal na misa

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the last of the good ones on teevee before fall season starts. “the great food truck race” by–gasp!–the food network, basically the only show on this channel that is about food and not about the chef-slash-majority stockholder’s ego and awesomeness. and awesomeness is used ironically here as it is already tiring to see bobby flay’s manboobs and alton brown’s advancing scalp not to mention the queer guy who can’t cook and looks like the most despicable advertising bakla i’ve ever known.

last week, “top chef dc: hail to the chef” (as well as a plethora of other cringe-inducing, vomit-spewing puns, the winningest of which is–tada!–“bipartisandwich”–take that wordsmith wannabes) ended. superb as always but the chef that me and the missus are rooting for, angelo, did not win. well, at least the season got a good second half where angelo won our cheer by totally transforming from a new york pa-know asshole to a chef who really cares about the food, the competition and more important, the other competitors (we got this vibe will the two other finalists will throw each other under the bus in the literal sense should it come to that).

so we only have one good show for the week and we hope that nom-nom truck wins over  grill-’em-all. it would have been cool if spencer-on-the-go got to the finals filmed here in new york. vietnamese sandwiches versus grilled burgers is good, but vietnamese sandwiches against french gourmet would have been a killer. not to mention old french chefs versus young vietnamese business graduates. i hope misa and company kicks ass and make it to a record as the only contestant in a reality show to evah win on each and every episode.

photos of misa, my love:

jenn on the left, misa on the right, nom-nom logo at the center. delicious. the sandwich, too.

pavlov’s intention, well played. or, a sandwich in hand is a very good idea indeed but two sandwiches are better.

‘yun na!

the men of spencer-on-the-go. caviar, escargot, and truffles are part of the usual offerings. plus, they can butcher a cow and fillet a leviathan.

* * *

chi running went well. jc medina covered theory and practice very, very smoothly and the trial run was actually fun. so, yes, it works, at least for me who runs like an istambay would run. aside from reducing the after-run tiredness and aches to almost nil, i could actually talk the talk while running the run, something that has never happened before. can’t wait to run again next week. lesgo!

“when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”

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finished reading “zero history” to the bloom album of crustation which i think is the perfect soundtrack from the very limited trip hop playlists on my iPhone. maybe placebo would sound good too. did this while a storm/tornado ravaged manhattan and unleashed its fury in brooklyn. i miss pinas storms when you have to panic whether pan de sal and sardinas can be had the next day. anyway, the storm that passed on the upper east side was just pure rain and maybe a bit of wind. the words “dark and stormy” and also “the sky is a poisonous garden” as well as “murderous”, “carnivorous” come to mind while i ran at the park with the schoolgirl dalagitas in pekpek nyorts and training bras. a few marathoners where also doing whatever it is that they do. thankfully, it took at least took hours for the storm to descend and so i made it home.

* * *

tomorrow, chi running with the husband of madam rica yulo. i hope it’s not cold in the morning.

* * *

the acupuncture before the run was, well, relaxing. same number of needles on my scalp but tripled on my hands/palm and leg/foot. after, it took me a while to find my pulse, something that i am not accustomed to as it always throbs like a guilty conscience. so i guess it is working. huzzah!

* * *

now i go to the library before feeding the oven.

the most beautiful film of the year

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the missus sent me on a messengerial errand downtown and after, i sneaked into landmark’s sunshine cinema and watched “never let me go” by mark romanek.

i have no adjectives for it, except, maybe, beautiful. beautiful in the sense that all great art should disturb you, make you uncomfortable. that kind of beautiful.

as far as i can remember from the book, the film was faithfully adapted to the point of being surgically precise that it borders on the creepy. (maybe because the final draft of the novel was couriered by kazuo ishiguro to alex garland to be scripted before it even hit the publisher’s desk and so he has literally years to craft the screenplay).

everyone in the cast were brilliant and the almost unnoticeable touch of making sure that all of kathy’s POVs (carrey mulligan’s) are true POVs is itself, genius.


the most beautiful film of the year, thus far.

but there’s still “black swan” by darren aronofsky which i am counting down the days for. hah! if i could only watch this with the evans sator.

* * *

time to feed the oven some words.

“the toilet plunger of the human psyche”

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enjoying more and more the new william gibson novel. every page is getting creepier in the sense that the present is really, really horrifying when you think about it, that there are forces orchestrating everything including how to make a pair of jeans cool. his interview at dangerous minds was very, very interesting. a must view, really.

* * *

the cold has been consistently creeping in, in the literal and figurative sense. whenever someone opens the main door, a draft forces its way into the living room bringing down the temperatura to a few degrees. it looks like winter is coming early.

jogging in the park does not yet require long pants and longsleeves but the sweat already dries up during warm down so it won’t be long now before i shift to badminton. if i could afford it. but there is really no other choice. so.

* * *

went to the acupuncturist today to continue the treatment. a couple of needles went into my scalp, a couple more on each of my hands that produced mini-electrocutions, as well as four on each of my feet. the session lasted 15 minutes longer and i awoke to my snoring. i’ve been sleeping 8 plus hours since it began excepting last saturday for the very early morning run at the park. so far, so good.

* * *

yesterday was a record as far as putting the words to the paper, or in this case, to the screen. the words just flowed like a bad case of loose bowel. i think the trick is not to care as to what has been written on the previous page and just proceed according to the outline. i can’t wait to write the shit out of this story and hit “the end”. it might take long with autumn coming, the season when i usually stay out most of the day but this will get done. the nanowrimo mindset will kick in very, very soon and i will be useless then as it would only be me and the words. okay, alcohol and exercise. but first, there’s fall tv.

* * *

upcoming tv that i am excited about:

• conan

• glee

• fringe (only because this might be the season that jj abrams will get lazy)

• californication (postponed until january)

and that was that

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the cold came on septemner 9, on our way to the clinic of the acupuncturist. and the sky, aptly enough, was cloudy. but the therapy went well, with the needles painlessly inserted into the meridians where it should go so that my blood pressure will be regulated and my bouts of nervousness and irritability be won. it was very, very calming, the whole experience–the very exact opposite of what i feel when i go to my cardiologist where even just stepping on the weighing scale would make my heart palpitate. i slept for a few minutes to the very soft music of ave maria instrumental. and that was that.

* * *

we had pho after, walked at soho to burn what we ate, and then basically hibernated only to wake up and by pure spur of the moment decision, decided to momofoku for dinner. two meals eaten outside in one day and i can’t help but compare how there’s this gaping divide of bullshit and doucebagerry and hipsterism between eating in chinatown and eating in the village (or any other place in manhattan for that matter). new yorkers eat differently from you and me. they are willing to wait an hour and then eat off a table with stools that even kindergarten kids won’t fit it, and they won’t find obnoxious music upped to obnoxious levels so as to deaden any attempt at conversation and its effect of staying longer once the overpriced meal is done. it is even the very definition of dinning normalcy that your bill be shoved into your face as soon as you taken two bites off the main course. ah, how sophisticated new york dining scene is.

* * *

“zero history” is very, very interesting. only william gibson can see the creepy in the ordinary and can make the future, the present.

* * *

the one memorable thing about 9/11 is what i did not see from the media. i was doing overtime at basic ad that very moment and saw both towers fall. i watched all news coverage through the tv and the web and the local papers the next day.

and this is what i did not see: not a single shot or footage or photo of a dead victim was aired or published. not one. think about this kind of foresight, professionalism, respect, humanity.


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things i’ve learned, questions, observations, revelations, wishes, and stuff.

36. during the unavoidable karaoke, it doesn’t hurt to choose a lemming song, a song which would give everyone the inexplicable urge to join in the singing after the second line. “the zephyr song” by red hot chilli peppers works for me.

35. i read newspapers in this order: comics, opinion, lifestyle and entertainment, sometimes the news. kill me, but i also look at the ads. as the saying goeth, you can take a man out of advertising but…

34. one thing i’ve learned from advertising in my decade in the biz: cute isn’t creative and just won’t cut it. next.

33. i suck big time at gift-giving. ask my wife.

32. on last count, there are seven songs from the show “glee” on my iPhone under the playlist “various crap”.

31. i have this book-reading ritual: i read everything from the back cover copy to the notes on the typography to the author’s bio before i begin the first word. it somehow feels wrong to plunge straight into the story without appreciating the trimmings. and yes, i smell the pages like a junkie.

30. i have this drinking thingy in the province: over alcohol and grilled tuna, i would invite my police and criminal friends, get them drunk and i would just listen the whole night. if only we are not bound by omerta.

29. a trivia related to previous entry: because we are all provincianos, we begin the session by throwing a shotful to the the ground with the utterance “para sa demonyo.”

28. if i somehow become a billionaire by freak accident, my charity work would be to put a working, honest to goodness library in the pinas. with books, films, records, the interfuckingnetz.

27. wisdom from my father: the beatles are important.

26. coming from a family of four, i am the only that is not a teacher. i plan to teach at least once in my lifetime. for free.

25. the miss universe question: i regret not friending (in the real world) my wife’s friends earlier. they’re cool. major, major. but there’s this chick a year ahead of me at the university and one time…

24. one thing i learned as a youngling of bs architecture (the one, the only semester as my parents can’t afford it and even if they can, i just can’t do the math): architecture is the most interactive of all creations. people are born, grow up, fuck and give birth, die in a work of architecture. i guess this explains why people would rather wait for 3 days and 3 nights to buy an iPhone at the mac store than click purchase for 3 seconds at apple.com.

23. one thing i learned as a student of ab english (all four years): shakespeare just wanna get laid.

22. at least once a year, i watch the sun rise and set.

21. this is something i know to be true but i just can’t prove: the bubbliest person ever, the extrovert, the life of the party, the ms and mr. congeniality of this world just can’t bear to be alone because they can’t stand themselves, because by then they would have to face the truth that they don’t have any friends.

20. another thing on the same premise: i have very, very few friends but they would risk losing their time, money, fame, beauty and what-have-you for me. you know who you are.

19. happiness is having seafood pho and shrimp wrap in chinatown for as cheap as 9 dollars. i could have pho seven days a week and not complain.

18. wisdom from my mother: if somebody makes you wait even for a second, that person doesn’t give a shit about you. beware of these assholes. i am paraphrasing but same difference.

17. i wish i could afford to travel to europe especially prague, budapest, moscow. moscow because there’s this collection by a now fallen tsar, a palace of preserved biological oddities like two headed fetuses, etc. lonely planet this. i have no idea how this could be achieved but who knows. 3 years ago i am not even dreaming of being here in new york.

16. my favorite words without an order: “sibilant”, “pulsator”, “whorls”, “shards”. the least favorite is “semantics” specially used by people as an argument-ending gambit. many an AE have tried: that’s just a matter of semantics! i always reply: define “semantics” right this very second without the help of a dictionary. what, you can’t? my gawd, the temerity to hide behind big words you can’t even define!

15. wisdom from my brother: “trees” by joyce kilmer is rubbish. why does it have to end in religion?

14. living in new york sucked at first. it still does, but now i am just numb to it. maybe it is because we arrived smack in the middle of winter. there’s not much to miss here and i am willing to leave when the time comes especially now when i know that the dreams that new yorkers are just dreaming of, we have been already living up in the province. that is, to have a beer at 3 PM, to eat food picked from your backyard, to have your clothes tailored from your suking sastre–as eco-friendly and being green is already so yesterday. the buzzwords this moment are: custom, bespoke, and artisanal. you can make it anywhere, indeed.

13. if only more women know the power of wearing a plain tee-shirt, faded jeans, and dirty chucks. the only thing that could make this picture even more perfect is ice cream being licked. okay, anything being licked. especially anatomical parts. of other women.

12. when i was a child, my parents got involved in a doomsday cult based in pasadena, california. we worshipped the god of the old testament, the one that uses the words “smite” and “unto thee” and “woe”. the cult broke up after 3 predictions of armageddon that never happened. the only good thing it did for me is that i’ve studied the bible with the fervor of talmudic scholar.

11. one of the best things evah was seeing metallica live. i have no words for this.

10. the time has come and gone, that rare moment when i knew that it would now be whiskey than my first love, beer. i am looking forward to the time when i would be man enough to drink it neat. of course there is red wine, in the interest of health not to mention economy.

9. i will never forget the opening sentence of “the woman who had two navels” by nick joacquin. pure genius.

8. sometimes death gives you a chance to cope. sometimes not. those at my wedding would know. what are the odds, right? that day i made a promise to myself: “if i could do this, i could do anything. anything at all.”

7. wisdom from my wife: all irony is reversal. but not all reversals are ironical.

6. my biggest achievement so far: quitting smoking. seriously. there are nights when i dream that i am smoking again and i always wake up as if from a nightmare.

5. sex is very, very important. but what is more important is what happens after. especially in the mornings when most often than not, a conversation is the only logical progression. and if it’s not, the only other kind is peace and quiet that’s not borne out of lack of things to talk about. otherwise, wouldn’t it be sad? i mean, that would be worse than waking up with a hooker for at least they would pretend to be interested.

4. sometimes i wake up with no idea what i am supposed to do in this world. that moment when it is not even about the answers anymore but the questions that should be asked in the first place.

3. my wife is the greatest ever. maybe she is proof that luck exists for what have i ever done to deserve her. sometimes this make me one very insecure man.

2. my greatest fear in not death. i’ve stared at death twice in the ICU and the fucker blinked, both times empirical proofs that i am a masamang damo. it is how to be a good father that i fear the most, if and when the time comes. i don’t know how to do this. i can’t even take care of myself. all these consciousness about health are just attempts to prove to myself that i can do it–take care of myself–and maybe the rest will follow.

1. i would still want to be a father anyway. gods help me.

* * *

and now for the-thing-that-i-have-to-do-which-is-something-that-i-have-never-done-before: chinese acupuncture.

in line the theme of the year which is getting my heathy back, this is something that i have promised myself as early as january that i would try. unleash the needles, dr. lan!

the only other thing that would make my day is a ride in the cash cab on the way to the clinic.