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“three days before halloween, as if everyday isn’t halloween”

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drunk and fighting madame insomnia. it has been awhile.

earlier, we stressed over the online forms so that we could stay in this great country of theirs. here’s the learning: if filling out forms in black in white is horrifying, filling out forms online is prison rape. the entire experience was very telling of the things to come should all things proceed as expected and we become citizens of this great country of theirs, this land of the morons and the morose (ranked number 1 in confidence but they also smile when there’s a tip involved). by the time we finished, i have began regretting everything. the only hope is that the table could still turn–and that no matter what happens, we will be drinking to that. very carlos bulosan.

so yes, i am still finding it very difficult to love this great country and city of theirs. wait. that is wrong. i love this great country and city of theirs, it is them that i hate.

if you think that they are stupid, try filling out an online form that they have created.

* * *

almost packed and ready to go to florida for the zombies, er, the missus’ business trip. i get to run in sweltering heat, swim at the pool, have hotel breakfast, and then catch the shuttle launch at cape canaveral (from far away on the day of the launch as the date has already sold out).

there are no vampires in florida because of the sunlight. but at least there are zombies. let’s go.

* * *

for halloween, i plan to read “under the poppy” by kathe koja. then get drunk on vino, of course. plus there’s “the fly” by steven soderbergh on netflix streaming in the stead of “the crow” by alex proyas. small victories. although i will surely miss the sluts and lesbians and cops of the new york parade. did i mention that florida has zombies?



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this film is just beyond beyond, so here’s a little piece of hardcore reportage from the guardian:


the 330 minutes just whizzed by. and that’s precisely the thing, this being a french film.

checking one off the list

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running the outer loop (6.11 miles/10 K) this fall: done.

over breakfast, i recalled to rica how i couldn’t even finished listening to the track “sad but true” before i would need to stop and walk to avoid kissing the asphalt. next year is speed work.

* * *

pictures of the things me and je have been doing.

at the met: lucretia, the patron santa of emos.

at the MoMA toilet: done before as an ad, but anyways…

at smalls jazz club: we got almost the same spot as with sunny a year before. the band was great and the bartender, efficient.

at the counter, i spied a torn hardback of “the catcher in the rye”–the orange thing behind the pairs of scissors.

and today, the MoMA membership card arrives, joy’s birthday gift for me. i have always wanted a van gogh membership card, and lo and behold, a wish was granted. thank you.

because fall is my summer

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have been running and walking all over the city as i take out ateng je, a good friend from way back when. museums and parks and streets. i almost, almost finished the met, while at the MoMA, the architecture and the new photographers exhibit rocked. eating a lot, too. as a sort of loading before we undertake the outer loop at the park this weekend.

which means that a lot of writing has not been happening. just going back to the notes, panicking, making even more notes, and wrestling with a major decision whether it would be wise to re-write what has been written so far. or, would it be foolish to re-write without looking at a single word at was has been written so far. it is all in my mind already, but the act of continuing to “the end” is being hard to come by. so a lost week, this week, and probably another lost week in two weeks’ time for halloween which we will sort of celebrate in florida. things could be worse but at least i could roam at the grounds of cape canaveral while a space shuttle is gearing up for launch.

tomorrow, we sweep a portion of central park, me and the missus’ good deed for the city.

this week, i plan to watch “carlos” by olivier assayas. yes, the 330-minuter cut and yes, i am looking at you lav diaz. thanks to the library, i was able to catch his earlier works like “summer hours”, “demonlover”, and “boarding gate” last year and each of the films is disquieting, disturbing, in their own way. and now a film about the greatest assassin who ever lived, who can resist?

there’s another french film, i can’t wait to see. it’s “anthony zimmer”, the original film that “the tourist” has been patterned after. given how hollywood almost always ruins anything that is not theirs, seeing this is a good idea before indulging in the eye candy that is angelina jolie. or, johnny depp.

in all seriousity

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the cold front continues its assault. fall is really here asserting its presence, that season for the cure. i have already retooled the playlist on the iPhone after rediscovering rammstein (old albums until reise, reise) and the retooling continued into norwegian black metal with the new outings of dimmo burgir and enslaved. if i can score the 2-liter bottle of jack daniel’s next time we costco, i am ready for winter nights.

* * *

the running has been done in full assault too with two rounds at the inner loop, a hilly climb for another round at the reservoir and running back towards the house because of the cold. as a hampas-lupa who believes that drying sweat results to pulmonia, running four avenues is something extra, maybe the only thing i need to attempt the full loop before winter starts.

then it’s badminton time. the racquets (gift from joy’s wonderful friends) have arrived and i can’t wait to sweat like i have never sweated before. for the first time in seven years, i think, i am swatting cocks again. we shall see.

* * *

our papers are starting to get processed, the piece of document that legitimizes our stay as potential citizens of this great nation (ha! waiting for superman!) and i can’t tell if it a good or a bad thing. at least the travel hassles will be lessened not to mention the rigors of visa renewal (although we still have to renew our current one, in canada i pray to gods as the horror stories at manila continues to amaze). the flip side is that uncle sam will now own souls, if ever. who says everything is fair trade?

* * *

the oven is calling and there is no arguing.

the lobster: considered, tilt-shifted, devoured

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a semi-spontaneous road trip to maine yesterday for lobster and foliage and, most important, to just basically to get out of the city.

the first stop was the house of the man himself, mr. stephen king. someone got the morning paper at around 6.30 AM although no one could be sure if it was him–for once, the missus’ vision failed her.

acadia national park. fall foliage is the attraction but i did a bit of worship for cthulhu before we devoured one of his minions.

more water.

and–because the call of chtulhu just couldn’t be ignored–more water! this one at a rip in the sea called “thunder-bolt-and-lightning-very-very-fright’ning” or some such name like that.

first stop at around 2 PM at the highway, the lobster house that web fora unanimously agree as the best among them all.

bugs are boiled at the wood-fueled stoves outside the restaurant as it has always been done for the longest time.

the sea-raphims (you read it here first!) of cthulhu are served in a steel tray that doubles as your plate and garbage bin.

a satisfied customer.

another satisfied customer. “meron ba?”

the second lobster place. production design in the stead of street cred. the bugs are boiled indoors and are served in a small paper plates.

more stylings in the interior. i ordered a cheeseburger that’s basically mystery meat on a bun but i enjoyed what the others’ got–onion rings, fried clams, fries, coleslaw.

one of the many maine lighthouses. and because it was already late and the beer is calling, the only one we ever saw.

i stayed awake all the way to the trip home, dee-jaying on the iPhone, as the suburban waste-sprawl of america unspooled before the road.

there are a lot of other stories like paula, our reverse newfound friend but i am still asleep. later.

“i’m an entrepreneur” | “okay, so what do you ‘preneur?”

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and the cold keeps coming.

wine and books and blankets is the formula for sleeping very late both days of the weekend.

saturday, after coffee and omelet, we watched “the social network” which was an excellent film. from the opening credits, i came to know that trent reznor scored, and i expected that it could only get better. and it did. the music was as much a harbinger of the gloom and the conflict and the sadness as the photography and the pauses (of the dialogue which was very rat-tat-tat and a never ending of volley of wit where not a word was wasted. hayop ka, mr. sorkin).

i am not going to get into the “thruthiness” of it all–i have read the “accidental billionaires” of which the film is very loosely based upon and both mediums (media?) deliver (narrative-wise the film is non-linear while the book is linear)–because it doesn’t really matter. it was a great story well told in film. period.

two things: one, justin timberlake almost stole the show with his acting. almost. two, mark zuckerberg, the real mark zuckerberg, did a PR coup-d’etat by catching the opening weekend screening with his employees. genius.

* * *

and after the very long screening, there is no other choice but to pig out on pig parts at brother jimmy’s complete with beer and onion straws.

* * *

and now i have to bake some words.

2:39 ayem

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waiting for the alcohol to kick in so i can sleep and wake up refreshed and run.

here we go on this thought randomizing:

• what is the deal with 3-D? it gets in the telling every single time. and now star wars is headed in the same butcher shop. one day, someday will have the bright idea to colorize north by northwest or the battleship potemkin, believe you me.

• i bought “white coat, black hat” by carl elliott (who is the medical writer for the new yorker magazine and is a more engaging writer than malcolm gladwell, imho) hours ago and am already halfway into the book. if one is reading only one non-fiction book a year, make this your 2o1o reading. seriously.

• the cold is no longer kidding with another storm passing. i am running tomorrow and the coming weeks until it is physically impossible. tues and thurs, the park was surreal. but not as surreal as…

• also tomorrow, we are watching “the social network”. aaron sorkin, the master of the point of view, can’t go wrong.

• a thought last weekend at church. the best way to worship your god is to give thanks without asking for anything. it is as powerful as deep breathing.

• my fall music would likely be stuck with stone temple pilots, that band with the sartorially stellar vocalist. we’re all just vasoline we are… and then as usual, the cure and lycia this winter.

• i am already getting tired of winter and can’t really wait to go back to manila for good. this is already beginning to feel like an exile that maybe i need to get an asylum from my own country. but make no mistake, i am really trying my damnedest to heart this city. it just isn’t working out.

• the korean film “bestseller” was superb.

• new jersey has finally been blessed with max’s. the only downside is that the caramel bar is not yet available but the chicken was 100 percent pure max’s.

• earlier, i saw a cebu pacific video on huffpost. lords. on the one hand, the flight attendants are pretty. on the other hand, really? i hope they stop this nonsense as this is the airline we fly to the province every time we go home. i take pride in my uncanny ability to sleep on the plane as soon as my ass hits the seat but with this…

• at borders earlier when i bought the aforementioned book, the sales associate gave me a 40% discount just because she has to accommodate another customer who has to go and get another book and then cut the line (as is her right) once she was ready. i love borders. and book discounts. and lines.

• i am reading from the internetz that let me in, the remake of you-know-what has taken off the mutilated vagina scene–the scene where the whole premise of the idea of the story which is about a vampyr and her weird platonic relationship with a familiar precariously perches. but that’s not all. the version has also done away with the whole off-frame violence at the pool ending–only the most original treatment of what? this decade? century? instead, the whole ending showed the carnage of what the vampyr has wrought. go hollywood! you make illegal downloads worth it.

• “creep” as retooled by that choir is now up at iTunes. goodnight amigos y amigas.