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at hk airport with the requisite ramen and asahi

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cathay was the best with how generous the pouring of red wine went. except that with my no-fiber diet, i was left with at least three forkfulls of meat with each meal.

i nearly passed out if not for the miso ramen once we landed here. in three hours, manila it is. but first, i have to sleep, not getting any, finishing four magazines and watching three movies.

i’ll be seeing you people.

i would like to thank the academy (again)

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a promotional effort with the oscar people. two years ago, it was shoot your own self. how fast they learned. today, there’s a digicam, a photographer, a barcode printed on a credit card plastic with the details on how to access your photo. it is lead generation, i know, but fuck it. who knows we might win two seats. except that we will be in manila at the time.

and yes, the oscar was heavy as fuck.

oh, we just chanced upon it as we did some rush shopping at grand central and so why not jologize the place?

* * *

we are almost packed, all bags barely making it to the weight requirement. all that’s needed are the meds and joy’s official hiring papers.

tomorrow i’m going to the acupuncturist, eat some noodles, and get drunk as we wait for saturday.

here are my plane readings. when the missus saw it, she suggested – horror of horrors! – that i get a kindle.

today is the saddest

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woke up  a bit better, but still bloated and barfing. but better than the previous days. maybe the chamomile tea and oil are both working. if only i could eight hours of sleep, i will be the happiest fucker alive.

was able to do yoga, one of those days when the hardest part is unrolling the mat. the rest of the poses glided as smoothly as an exhalation of “om”.

so yes, i was able to ride the subway to wall street where the line to the counters was slithering  like the anthony bourdain booksigning.

scored “finch” from another very famous writer no one ever reads. one of the firsts too that i’ve met and actually chatted at the KGB bar three years ago.

another title from angry robot publishing. i am reminded of del rey abyss (horror) wherein not a single title was out of place (as opposed to ace or tor which has become a living parody of science fiction publishing).

more hipsterism for me. i guess no hipster dare go to wall street–that temple of capitalism–so all kinds of sizes were still unmolested. i have spent all my allowance for half the year with these despite the 30% off the list price.

* * *

it is time to pack. all i’ve got in the back before the gas attack was our passports and my plane reading. i hope everything fits.

still a sad day

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turns out that the borders bookstores at the madison square garden and columbus circle are still alive and kicking. but still. having the nearest one at park avenue that is very lakadable, the one at kips bay where we use as a lounge as we wait for a movie to start, and the one at wall street which has the most varied selection of horror titles in manhattan closing is a pain. add to the fact that borders staff really enjoy their job and know their titles (the best of them all is of course, the strand people and the worst of the lot are the barnes & noble people). add another fact that borders always give away 40% off a title weekly, no questions asked. and if an associate likes your star wars shirt, you get another 25% off employee discount on top that (it happened to me and i credit the shirt, not my ugly face).


i went this time and raided the horror section. lookie here!

i actually heard the words from the foo fighters song “hello, i’ve waited here for you, everlong”. conrad williams is the most disturbing writer alive and IMHO the living successor to edgar allan poe. also, no one reads him except maybe five of us in this universe.

another title that i have been waiting for a long time as it is only available in amazon uk whose shipping charges almost triples the cost. so happiness ng o. published by angry robots, the same house that produced last year’s “slights”. my instincts tell me this is about robot zombies. or not.

spring 2011 must be british writers season. two more books are arriving from englatera as a friend of the missus will commandeer the place in our absence. as a fee, i am requesting two titles i have always wanted to read. let’s go.

the aforementioned moleskins. tried to score another set today but only the ginormous sketchpads were left. stomach willing, i am raiding wall street tomorrow.

it’s a sad day

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all brick and mortar stores of borders is already closing. got two moleskins (hipster alert!) last night and will try to raid the horror section later if i have the energia. my stomach is still acting up although the gas has been lessened as i tried putting back disgusting things into my diet like pizza and burger and fried everything. and carbs, of course.

i swear winter is out to kill me

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just as i have overcame clogged nose, i got the major case of gas. gas as in barfing every time i move. i think i just doubled the pollution index of central park yesterday when i took a walk to release some gas and survey the surroundings. with the drop in temperatura, every suspect is present: milfs with strollers, underage chicks in phys ed garb, the topless marathoners, the first time runner, and me, the hibernator with a bad case of gas. the twin black adonis (adonises? adoni?) are missing, might be earning some serious moolah as the fashion week wraps up.

i have tried everything from tums to gas x and of course dropping fiber from my diet and switching to (gasp!) dark meat and rice. honest to goodness carb-ridden white rice with no nutrients whatsoever. only very little improvement. later, it is time for the folk remedy called “aceite de manzanilla” if we could find it here in nueva york. i swear as soon as i regain my get go, i am slaying this winter bitch with my bare hands.

* * *

barnes & noble did not disappoint.

the first issue of this year’s tin house is dubbed “the mysterious”. all sorts of fun could be had, including an interview with the man, mr. peter straub.

* * *

it is time to pack. maybe the most important part  is not forgetting my oakley a-wire that i have recently lensed with prescription transition glasses. a little birdie told me that black gargantuan hipster glasses are alive in well in manila. worn by those without any eye defects as an accessory to a suit (a suit? what next, leather jackets? but wait!).

i am barfing, but maybe not from the gas.

more prominences please

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the solar aberration bought much needed respite from the freeze. for the first time, the snow disappeared. was able to venture out only in a baseball shirt and fleece-lined hoodie (plus pants and shoes of course). even sweated while doing yoga. tomorrow if the weather holds, it is time to crawl/walk/run at the inner loop at the park. it’s time to get moving again. and also to test drive my new kicks, an asics gel, something so functional i don’t even want to give it a name.

* * *

tomorrow is also the time to prepare the plane readings. i hope  barnes & noble does not disappoint.

* * *

“sauna” a 2008 film from finland is one classic horror tome is one shit that needs more cousins. a very rare, original, disturbing story. i almost couldn’t wait for a hollywood “visionary” director to fuck this up.



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borders bookstores failed me for the first time. at the wall street branch, no less. in a totally related story, the bookstore rumored to take-over barnes&noble as of two months ago, will be declaring bankruptcy this week. i can feel the first degree that will be ascending towards fahrenheit 451. after social media zealots, the next group that i despise are those that proclaim that they can’t live without their kindle/nook/kobe/ipad/what-the-fuck-ever.

* * *

26 feb to 27 march will be the happiest days evah. i can already smell the wet market of nepa-q-mart and visualize the inside of sunny’s refrigerator. also, bhavna’s transvestite voice shouting “tang eeena!”

* * *

yesterday, the whoring was exciting. it was like old times. billy and me drank coffee, stormed our brains, came out with concepts. i wrote the copy while surfing porn, he directed the campaign while smoking. we caught up on gossip, news, pop culture, arthouse cinema, and the trials and tribulations of winter in new york. we ended the day with indonesian food in a becupided resto like a gay asian couple in hell’s kitchen. meanwhile, as i am earning much needed moolah, i am falling short on the daily page count. ah, advertising, known murderer of noble dreams.

* * *

these are the days of conundrum. the sun is shining but it is cold as nun’s tit. everyone is saying that spring is around the corner but i doubt it. last year, it snowed on the first day of spring. imagine that. it’s hard to do optimism these days. also, i still need the prayers to your gods.

the tale of the lost weekend

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the corniest acronym ever, S.A.D., for seasonal affective disorder –i’m not making this shit up–also known as “it’s winter, bitch”, finally got to us. so i guess the rumor is true: on the third year, all the immunity system developed by third world inhabitants raised in dust and dirt and decay starts to break down as it could no longer cope with the relative sense of sanitation of the first world.

joy got the flu and i couldn’t breathe. friday night we both couldn’t sleep and saturday, the missus’ fever was raging like the vulcans of yore. she resorted to nuke herself with meds and i resorted to have myself pinned, this time with a different acupuncturist. after, we treated ourselves to lugaw and siopao (toasted!). said acupuncturist advised that i eat more. the exact words were: “you don’t eat a lot of sweets, you don’t eat a lot of salts, but you don’t eat a lot. eat a lot.” sige sir. eating a lot, i could do as soon as i throw my dream of modeling out the window, har de fucking har. so lafuk it is just in time for spring running. it actually felt good to have a full stomach.

for the first time in weeks, i slept and snored for 10 hours. i love getting pinned.

rinse and repeat yesterday and today, i feel like i could take over the world. or the whoring job on the side about a real estate copywriting.

* * *

riddle me this, but where were the metal acts at the grammy’s?

* * *

i still need the prayers. this week is going to be long and torturous, but don’t we always love the pain?

off with this winter’s bitch head

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i have had enough of this cold weather. the clogged nose came back which could only mean difficulty breathing which could only mean lack of sleep which could only mean hyperfuckingtention, the enemy that i though i have defeated last year.

the air is so thin and dry that the inside of my nostrils bleed and i have to gasp whenever i lie down to sleep. i couldn’t sleep of course. even with a strip of breathe right, a vicks personal steamer, a vicks humidifier, two capgels of unisom, and a shot of jack. i decided to reread “the city & the city”, a very bad idea as instead of lulling me to sleep. i made it through chapter 7. “the orange eats creep” is not a bedtime story material as it is too raw and visceral so it remained out of the bedroom.

finally at 5 AM, i resorted to valium. and here i am, at 3 PM and the only accomplishment i did was to brush my teeth and gargle listerene. i hate this weather. i hope nothing fucks up our february trip.

* * *

for three successive days, i have dreamt of galungong, panga ng tuna, tulingan.

* * *

did a hackjob last weekend and found out i could still write copy, headlines and body and taglines and all. and do concepts too. but what i miss most of all is radio. oh, well.

* * *

time to do the dishes. no writing today, whoring or novel-wise as i am still running on empty. i really, really hate this weather.

* * *

need more prayers for the teleportation device.