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a quick press

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2011 at 7:32 pm

irene came and went and in hindsight, props to bloomberg for all the efforts. it was a dud but everyone came prepared. god forbid a katrina occur in new york.

there were pet-friendly shelters (food and meds and all), that’s how the city was prepared.

* * *

“the end” is very near and i can’t wait. the words are coming fast, stealing me of sleep and rest.

* * *

words from the next novel are also coming down and the moleskin is in bed with me most nights.

a one-word title has presented itself, two character names have introduced themselves and the settings are coming into place, although a lot of location scouting will be done once we go home this december.

* * *

the gr33n c4rd form arrived and i feel tentative about filling them out. if it is up to me, i would say fuck it and go home. seriously. this place still feels as alien as that day in february three years ago.

i have already discussed with the missus the plan of whoring myself back in advertising in manila after the novel is done, earning some serious moolah while she takes a much needed break and maybe raise a kid. except that them little fuckers still scare the shit out of me. we might be one of those couples that are not meant to be breeders.

* * *

we are entering the last quarter in a few days but no film stands out except maybe “midnight in paris”. somebody please explain this to me.

still alive

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writing much of the time when not getting involved in shenanigans.

* * *

the novel project dubbed as “the gospel of second chance” has only 3 scenes left scattered in all the remaining characters’ POV before the much looked forward to “the end”.

the emotional investment of doing certain things to certain characters is taking its toll. i am tired and cranky and losing both sleep and appetite.

* * *

something insidious is crawling the upper east side, something so evil it makes my blood boil.

the best part, everyone involved are doing the default reaction of pretending that nothing is festering right before their very eyes. as if this kind of problem will go away if ignored.

anybody ever get this feeling of being taunted and dared by someone who is committing something evil right out in the open and nobody is saying anything?

i am the most cowardice person on this planet but things like this make me want to resort to violence and start a war.

* * *

this is how i feel:

* * *

the moleskin is back out the drawer, gathering notes for the next novel tentatively dubbed as “a ransom for many”.

see you in a few.

MoMA time

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walked half of manhattan today, accompanying julio to just about every destination. the unspoken rule was to only use the subway twice.

passed MoMA and saw “talk to me”–an exhibit about how machines talk to humans.

from the obvious MTA ticket machine to SMSlingshot. a lot of ideas waiting to be ripped off by digital creatives and social media gurus just in time for next year’s cannes.

the typography exhibit was great, too.

* * *

two movies as palete teasers before seeing el bulli, the food porn documentary next weekend:

i want this, i want this real hard

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i won’t even attempt to put the desire into words.

or, as an attempt, i desire this as much as this:

i chanced upon a blogger who actually thought that the title is a typo. wtf. ¬†neal stephenson invented a new vocabulary and a thesaurus to go with in his last work and a one word title might be a typo? not to mention that the same typo would make it into production unnoticed by a cadre of editors. this actually proves that professional bloggers (read: content aggregators and internet vomit purveyors) can’t read. no, not even a single word.

* * *

not enough sleep without the melatonin.

part of my brain want to see “the silence of the lamb” and “hannibal” after the off broadway place “silence! the unofficial parody of the silence of the lamb”.

“red dragon” i already saw last winter, months before the netflix decided to cut their titles to only those that would fit in a 250 mb thumb drive.

* * *

drank all manners of beer over the weekend from kirin to stella to singha and even the piss called bud, the wuss of beers.

i am finally gaining weight and i hope an exercise regimen aside from the walking manifests soon.

carbs needed to be waged war against once more to maintain my current weight and girth.

* * *

coffee, book, sleep, bagel. no writing but more thinking is the deal for the day.



from where i stand

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pages:  260

words: 59, 568

the read-through that mutated into an edit ended with the above stats.

within the week, the first of the last twenty thousand words or so commences.

* * *

i have to take my head and hands off the work over the weekend with catching up on my reading, drinking, and eating.

saw a movie and an o-b play too.

no exercise but a lot of walking and sweating above and below the city.

* * *

dropped by moscot as ellen was rich and hip enough to buy a pair. felt like a fat kid in a wonka factory.

when the missus becomes a partner, i am buying myself a pair with her money.