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and suddenly 2012 is becoming very clear

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as of now, these are the goals that i am tunnel-visioning myself into to make next year rule:

1. a sound body through yoga, meditation, running, eating sensibly

2. finishing novel number 2 and selling it to a legit publishing house and having it published

3. getting a job at either the strand or uniqlo

4. setting foot in europe

please gods.

Hence the caps and lower

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An iPhone entry. Doing all sorts of eating new york with friends. And in my entire life, finally eaten in a michelin-starred resto, tori shin.

hacking me

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in three full weeks–by the time that i resume writing–hacking me will commence. it is a sort of occupy myself as i attempt to take back the health conscious person lurking somewhere.

it will start with a yoga mat purchase and some gym clothes at the outlet mall this weekend or next.

from then, the pranayama will exhale out all the bad shit accumulated last winter. especially the uric acid.

war against these evil fuckers will be waged and won:

• carbs

• meat

• canned anything

• salt

• sugar

• caffeine

• alcohol

it will be back to fresh fruits and fresh salads and fresh juices. my only vice will be seafood pho at our favorite vietnamese restaurant. so far, it is the alcohol that could be a problem seeing that the temperatura is dropping by the day. but it could be done. the plan is to substitute it with ginger tea (that i will have to boil myself every single time).

the diet will start with lemon/agave/cayenne cleanse. and then the strict two (breakfast) and one hour (lunch and dinner) liquid abstinence after every meal. i have actually done this thing and shed a ridiculous amount of belly fat in two weeks.

as for the food, it will be fruits for breakfast and salad for lunch and dinner with lemon and olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing. the occasional steamed fish from citarella.

the yoga will start with breathing until i can pretzel myself again. this will be a seven day meditation and six day yoga kind of thing. i have actually done this thing and the flexibility that i had was beyond belief. and we all know what flexibility could do during cold winter nights.

running will resume by the time spring of 2012 comes but this will be a 5K jog just to loosen my joints. no hardcore full loop goal this time.

i am actually excited.

go me.

head chicharon

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after doing some semblance of tidying up the house for sunny and portia, me and the missus decided to postpone MMMM, that much anticipated art-house offering. we are already out of energy, so we decided to yakitori instead at the usual cheap ass japanese place. a pitcher of kirin and a bottle of cold sake were had.

today, more cleaning was done. i did the laundering of the newly bought linens while the misus did the bathroom. some semblance of cleanliness was achieved.

now, we go out and have korean (again) to meet our bermuda hostess, gra. and who am i to complain?

* * *

cleaning house is a good bonding time. me and the missus talked about gra who is one of the must fucked up bitch in the entire universe and why she a very good friend despite that.

and the answer is simple.

it is because she never pretends to someone she is not. simple as that.

she doesn’t coat shenanigans with sugar and doesn’t do the runaround. if she fucks up (and she has fucked big fucking time) she fucks up will be the first to own it up. simple as that.

* * *

and yet, it is beyond belief how some people would commit another fuck up just to pretend that they haven’t fucked up in the first place.

* * *

over the internetz, i have found these two worthwhile films to help me pass the time as i do more laundry while waiting for our friends.

french action flick that i am watching with no expectations whatsoever. now available if you know where to look.

three hours of sleep, no breakfast, alcohol taste in mouth

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ahem, there is a pattern here.

* * *

last night, just before i unplugged the mac (no, not writing but equalizing the inequality of this cruel world) i was hit with a deluge of laughter. from me.

two sets of three-filipino-words that joy claims never to have heard before in a particular order almost robbed me of sleep. i am researching that these are a common enough expression before the great reveal. no, these are not neologisms but phrases that i believe everyone should have heard of.

but they are funny as hell.

* * *

very early on a sunday, certainly the earliest that i’ve ever been awake on a sunday excepting the times when travel is involved, or running.

just woke up from a dream about doctors, filipino doctors at that, my bodies internal filing system reminding me that two visits are coming. one, to the us gov3rnm3nt doctor for the gr33n c4rd to make sure that we are vaccinated and that we don’t have tuberculosis. pure bloodwork. two, my cardiologist for the usual meet and greet as we discuss my meds and my heart and my gout. again, i am very lucky to have this le dude whose bedside manner is just peerless and who explains everything.

* * *

excited for sunny and portia. portia’s first time in new york and all the optimism and wonder is very much needed this time. i hope we score rush tickets to “the book of mormon”.

* * *

jc medina treated me out to ramen. yummy sinful ramen.  and then, over dinner with rica and the missus, i made a mental surrendering. i just cannot out-eat this man. never. but oh, i have tried.

* * *

now why would someone from japan want to add me in their linked in profile when i don’t have one? is google selling my address?

it is time to read. let not this serenity turn to waste.

two hours of sleep, no breakfast, alcohol taste in mouth

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i am reliving my teenage years and getting myself a new crush (miss librarian, while still a beauty, is done).

there’s this schoolgirl three buildings away who wears not the usual pekpek skirt and hey-i-got-boobies shortsleeves but men’s khakis and men’s longsleeves and men’s neckties and black adidas roma. and, not giving  a shit about her hair either, she hangs out with the boys. as in the smoking, motherfucking bad-ass, criminals-in-the-making boys of the class. she could be a lesbian, she could not. but she is sure to break a million helpless hearts.

i love her.

* * *

two more scenes to be written for chapter 5 and i come to the point where proceeding needs to be done with extreme caution and military grade weaponry. things like continuity and character motivation and timelines need to be thought about.

the notes on both the bond paper and the moleskin are getting written when not producing actual words that reading books and magazines are starting to get in the way.

but so far the momentum remains unbroken and i will attempt to write as much as i can about this chapter until vacation time with friends. making chapter 5 out of 13 this early, isn’t bad.

* * *

it’s amazing how the missus doesn’t give a shit about her new iPhone. aside from angry birds, her unit is as virgin as mama mary.

* * *

reading this and liking it so far despite most of the shorts i have already read from his previous collections.

this i can’t wait to read, the third in a series that really kicks major supernatural ass.

a quick press

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still having very, very weird dreams. still not taking melatonin.

* * *

two films planned for the weekend:

another korean revenge story. what is not to lurve? a download from the web, my contribution to equality, as sunny would say.

29 year old NYU film school alum who’s making waves accross all film fests worldwide. plus it is a cult movie (literally cults and communes and shit) so there.

* * *

time to write another 12 pages.


chapter 4 is done

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and currently 12 pages deep into chapter 5.

over the weekend, i wrote on the moleskin 3 sentences depicting the final 3 atrocities all the main characters will commit in the final chapter so i am pretty much set.

i have seen the end and it was grisly sight. and love it to death.

yep, all characters are bad-ass motherfuckers.

no fucking emo vampires and twinky werewolves in this one, baby.

time for a drink.

español film fest

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we somehow managed to squeeze “the skin i live in” by the maestro of media res himself, almodovar, into the weekend. and then while joy worked at home, we saw “rudo y cursi”, by that other cuaron. the later film still amazes me at how it is so filipino. substitute basketball for soccer and yun na.

also managed to score “the last circus” off the web but i think the right frame of mind–and alchohol–are needed to view this film.

* * *

sunday, i cooked beef stew  and stir-fried beef shavings with kikoman sauce. the stir-fry has all the makings of a house favorite: easy to cook and yummy. it is just a game of finding the meat at the grocery. we got it by pure chance while looking for the stew cut and the shavings were very fresh and very thinly sliced (no fucking litids) and very affordable. lots of verys there, so there.

* * *

caught up on my self-education and re-read james thurber last night over beer. and then i realized that i do not know how to use the word “which”. the horror and the shame.

i am still looking for his piece on the use of “suffer” versus “sustain” in journalism and even though i can still recall the exact examples and usages, i just could not find the fucking thing on the web. maybe it is not an essay but an interview. we shall see.

* * *

lately the weather is nice. a bit of wind, a bit of cold but lots of sunshine. a walking weather.

* * *

still hasn’t test driven my iPhone4Shoggoth, camera- and siri-wise. for the camera, maybe a day at the park with the changing leaves is in order sometime in the week. i dread to see runners though, doing the fucking loop where i so not long ago run without a worry. life sucks, and then you suffer gout.

* * *

my little piece of performance art-slash-anti-social experiment continues. the unwanted fuckers are doing the damnedest at engagement: text, iMessage, text with cute animal and all things of subtle manipulative devices. guess the fuck what, bitches? i am not sharing a fucking breath with you unless out of being polite to my wife. and with her busy schedule, that might start happening next year. so go, live in your rainbow colored world and ride the fucking unicorn. i am happy with my kool-aid.

* * *

late sunday morning, i had one of the best (or worst) dream collages ever. it involved former officemates who are not supposed to know each other, flood, riding my father’s bike, riding a jeep, korean turo-turo, and weirdest ingredient, my ex-dyowa. no, there is nothing that is sexual. the thread was that i have to brave the flood, eat the food (if i can find a seat in the overly packed turo-turo, yes, but korean food) and i think commit a crime, like kill somebody, with the ex. and still not a pill of melatonin is involved.

non-melatonin dreams

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just woke up from a very vivid dream. i’m back in palm towers residences except that it is now beyond 43 floors and it resembles the college of arts and sciences back in the day. concrete and monolithic and devoid of people. in the dream i am carrying a big-ass bass ala primus that i roll around with wheels. i ride the elevator and chose 43 floors. the ride speeds but when the door opens, i don’t know where to go. i choose what feels like my home in the dimly lit corridor. i try to knock but decides against it. i grasped the door knob and it follows my hand and as i open the door, darkness spills from the inside. someone, something rustles with very economic movement and suddenly i have no desire of finding out what or who it might be. bass in tow, i go back to the elevator and wait for it to come.

* * *

the iPhone4Shoggoth arriveth. only the black one, mine. i don’t know what is happening with the missus’ unit. bummer, it’s supposed to be her first apple gadget.

* * *

now reading “my soul to take (a novel of iceland)” by yrsa sigurdardottir, names with strange symbols in certain letters that i just can’t replicate.

* * *

as it turns out, not a single page was added to the manuscript although i wrote down 5 pages of notes on blank pages of bond paper. characters, and plot points, and whatnot. it is the fault of the gel pen that makes it so easy to do shorthand.

today, i read back starting from chapter 1 and add a fine coat of fresh paint to all the characters and fix obvious mistakes that i can see. i hope to finish the chapter this weekend. then i give it a rest as i enjoy my summer (what the rest of new york calls fall) with lovely guests.

* * *

aside from portia and sunny, another couple is going to new york which makes me vary happy indeed.