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on korean films. huzzah!




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read author’s blogs except for my favorite living author and yesterday i decided to check out hers and then remembered two other blogs, my triumvirate of writers whom i discovered since university days when i started puking english lit all over the place. anyway, one no longer writes to pursue her sexuality (sex change and all that), one still writes a lot but mostly about her psychosis, and the other has become a young adult author. i discovered these three on their horror writing years back in the day when horror was bad (today, it is even worse) and they some managed to rise above the crap. but the way their writing or lack thereof that has occurred over the years in unnerving. and sad.

THE SUN was out today and i took a way in the park today to get some vitamina D as catch up on my readings. there is the davos article in the new yorker and the ted conference in new york magazine. both articles made me stupid and smart at the same time, go figure. the lawns of the park are all fenced up as they seed the grass and fertilize the greens. i sat on my usual bench with the rest of lolas and lunch crowd. it wasn’t too cold so i finished both articles before walking back home.

YESTERDAY JOY took half the day working at home so that we could both once more prepare legal stuff for the news that is not to be revealed just yet. passports and other documents were scanned and printed, forms were downloaded and signed, resumes were updated and proofread. in other words, it is only after dinner that i was able to write. thankfully, nothing is on the TV except “two broke girls” so i managed to add around 9 pages or 1,800 words to the manuscript. i still have to finish the scene today and then start the next scene at the very least. the notes are growing on the moleskine and the bond paper and i am keeping revision thoughts on the iPhone.

THE TWENTIES and the singles are already with the ticket as thursday approaches. i have no choice but to write faster. there is no pretending, i won’t be able to write shit on van halen day.

THE ONLY good thing

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…about the oscars last night was that i am reminded to watch “rango”. my bet for all major awards is “the tree of life” but it seemed that the theme of being nostalgic was carried not just in the actual awards night but during the judging as well. IMHO, all awards should be about recognizing those who pushed, rather than those who perfected. perfection, though very commendable, does not push forward the art. for the very idea of perfection alone means that one followed the rules. pushing the envelope on the other hand means that one understood the rules before breaking it.


WINTER IS indeed back. my morning uhog is still here and next week, we might even have snow.


TIME TO write actual words on the manuscript and not just make notes on the moleskine and bond paper. the final scene that will set up the third act is at hand. plus, i only have five chapters remaining. gods help me.


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the idea for the next novel arrived with unexpected clarity. and it even brought it’s twin, the conceit.


THIS IS DIFFERENT from the “there are no fairy tale love affairs in new york” of course. that will have to be written after this one.


OF COURSE, both ideas will only attempted after i have sold what i am currently writing. there is no more excuse as this is 2012 already.


THE BITCH winter is back. last night it hit 19 degrees and even flurried a little. i am quadrilayering again despite march is just days away.


TEN DOLLARS in singles

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I ALMOST forgot to to prepare tip money for the barkeeps littering the stadium at madison square garden. thankfully saturday morning is banking day at bank of america so i withdrew singles and twenties for beer money. i am sitting on seat number 1 which assures me of an aisle for quick access to beer and the restroom (MSG seats are numbered 1 to 13 and ticketmaster has this very friendly algorithm that seat single ticket nearest the aisle which makes a lot of sense). so yes i am ready.

THE RETURN of winter fucked up our sleeping patterns again. i usually wake up around 5 AM even on weekends, refreshed and ready to meet the day no matter what time i slept the night before, no matter the alcohol content of my bloodstream the night before. but lo! after sleeping at 1 AM and waking up at 9.30 AM, i felt sluggish and some kindapsychosomatic paranoia started to kick in that i somehow have a fever. my temperature was fine and the gout is not flaring up but still, the sense of being sick is overwhelming. i only had half a glass of vino as i read “the leopard” so it’s not hangover. what we did was go to the bank for the singles, eat out, then sleep.

OSCAR NIGHT  is chicken curry night. and rice. and vino. i hope some old actor commit some shenanigans.

CHAMPAGNE MANGOES are now back in season. spring must really be around the corner no matter the weather.

AFTER ALL these months, i still have uhog every time i wake up. vick’s vaporub and puff’s with vick’s are my best friends.

HAVE CAUGHT up on my TV watching but not films. “revenge” is still the most remarkable although “homeland” also rocked. two episodes of anthony bourdain’s “the layover” sucked–hong kong and amsterdam.

THE DREAMS have been wilder of late. this despite the lack of valium and melatonin. very ordinary scenes that are very disturbing at the same time. i don’t even want to write anything down.

RELATIONSHIPS IN new york are very functional. no matter what films and books may show, there are no fairy tale romances in this city, believe you me.

THAT IS the next premise of the next, next novel. things are already fermenting in my head.

IT IS TIME to get out of the house once more. later,  i will reread what has been written so far to prevent some continuity fuck ups as i plunge headlong into the next 5 chapters. hopefully, chapter 17 means the ends as i am really exceeding my word count. but then again the rule of storytelling is that “you only reach the ending when you have reached the ending”. i know, it is as helpful as “there is no secret ingredient”.

FORGOT ABOUT the brown M&Ms

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SLEPT AT 12.30 after agoning for three hours on the last sentence of chapter 12. and then woke up at 5.30 to the sound of pouring rain, coming through one open window. yes, like that skid row song. the cold is back and so is the dreary, grey color that only winter could bring. the bitch called winter is back.


OUTSIDE THE WINDOW it is till drizzling. everyone’s in  black and down jackets once more. and boots as well as umbrellas. umbrellas are a big deal here in nueva yorke.


THE TOTAL WORD count so far stands at 85, 867 words with 395 pages. i have this very ambitious idea of writing 1.5 to 2 chapters next week so that this whole thing could be fast tracked. the april 9 self-appointed deadline still stands but i just want this done so i could take a real break before the edit and the sale.


I AM HALFWAY through the jo nesbo thirller. loving it so far. right now i am very curious as to who gets to direct the hollywood adaptation of the novels. in an interview, the author (who said that his name is pronounced as “ug nespa”) is very much involved in the production including who gets to direct the films. i really can’t wait. this is going to be even better than the salander series.




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i will be inside madison square garden watching van halen live.

THIS EARLY my shit is planned. the camera is ready.  and so is the clothes i am wearing: jeans and running shoes and a hooddie. the ticket is under lock and key.

I AM BUYING an overpriced concert tee should the design prove awesome. i am also settling just for a black shirt with that album cover.

EVEN THE DINNER is ready. a saveur magazine-endorsed salumeria three blocks from the venue where a monster sandwich is cheap and the beer is cheaper. post concert snack is dyongjang from k-town, two avenues away.

CHAPTER 12 is nearly done. i just need to wrap up a scene and then i will have written a chapter with a day to spare. tomorrow is for catching movies and reading the excellent jo nesbo novel, “the leopard”.

IT IS VERY WARM today. i went to the park to walk off my lunch and think about the chapter ending (no outlines, rememner?). i read a few chapters from the scandinavian thriller before it got cold. but at least i got some vitamina D.

I STILL DON’T know what to give up for lent. joy asked again that i be friends with her friends and i told her no. i will try my best to be polite (which meant ignoring them — since summer) but i will not fake it.

SO MAYBE it is gonna be both carbs and meat. we will see. i can live without both, so that should not be a problem.

RIGHT NOW I AM having a glass of vino so i can sabotage my adrenaline by the time i finish this chapter. i wrote until 2 AM again last night with the usual 6 AM waking up so i can have coffee with the missus before she heads to work.

THE OSCARS this sunday is probably the only show i have no emotional investment in. but i will still watch in the hope that something politically incorrect might happen. remember the bush years when the ceremony seemed kinda hurried? i wonder what the atmosphere will be like this time.

OH, PRETTY WOMAN by van halen is one of the best covers ever.

NOW I GO write four more pages. i am afraid the word count for this chapter got a bit out of hand. the stats will be reported tomorrow.

the race to the last 20, 000 words

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stayed up until 2 AM last night and woke up at 6 AM.

the word count has just surpassed 80,000 words. this with chapter 12 only midway.

i am panicking in a sort of good way as i need to make sure that the word count is manageable so that the edit wouldn’t be as punishing.

i subscribe to the school of getting the first draft as perfect as possible so that the second draft will be easy.

we shall see.

* * *

it is warn and sunny today.

i want to walk but cannot with all the writing that needs to be done.

this being ash wednesday, the thought of beer or vino needs to be ignored too.

but i really hope the weather stays warm and spring rolls in early.


* * *

and now it’s back to the blank page.

words, words, words

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chapter 12 is currently nine pages deep weighted down with 2,041 words.

i started making notes sunday evening until monday afternoon, noting down ideas on how four scenes will turn.

i also reread what has been reading down so far and fixed things that should be fixed.

(insert asterisk here)

the sun has been showing its face although the cold is still of winter proportion. the weatherman sayeth that spring is coming the 2oth of march.

but yes, the sun is much appreciated despite the fact that winter is a bit friendly this year with only one major snowfall, discount that freak show last october.

the challenge now is to lose all the fat accumulated ever since we went home last december.

(insert asterisk here)

that thing that i was excited about since the start of this month seems to have been greenlighted after all.

we just need another twelve weeks for the paperwork and then the good news will be revealed.

just like the gr33n c4rd, i am taking it as it comes, hoping just a little but keeping my expectations in check.

but yes, if it pushing through, that fucking thing is gonna be awesome.

(insert asterisk here)

this macbook i am typing on is warning me to replace its battery after four years of service.

i already had the spare bought two years ago when apple stopped manufacturing this model (black, 13 inch) for my just in case scenario.

more novels will be written on this mac until this expires. i might buy an iPad soon, but this won’t get replaced.

for obvious reasons, i love the color black. for the not so obvious it would seem kind of cool to keep a still functioning relic and wait out until it dies. imagine in another four years with all those shinier, faster, cooler macs out there and i still use this dinosaur, just a circuit board away from an underwood and tell me it’s not cool.

(insert asterisk here)

now i go watch ridley scott’s “alien” before the writing resumes.

ra in all its wonder is out today

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but because the universe has a lousy sense of humor, the gout has moved from my left thumb to behind my left knee. fuck, i want to be out today, at central park at the very least, or at SoHo at the very most.

took my industrial strength meds (suffix of -xia) already, so here’s to optimism.

am i destined for greatness? read this:


in the local scene, there are butch dalisay and conrado de quiroz.

* * *

finished “the drowning” girl yesterday. one of those works of disquiet where three horrifying scenes were stretched out to novel length and narrated by an schizo.

as i have all of the author’s novels and i read her blog on a daily basis, i really enjoyed the book with all the personal references (settings and events, etc).

a KGB reading is scheduled this march and i hope i can attend.

* * *

managed to stay away from the manuscript for a full day since it got done last friday.

if gout allows me to go out today, i will continue to ignore it for the rest of the day.

if not, i re-read what has been written so far, all 11 chapters, and make notes for chapter 12.

the sprint to the last 7 chapters (with a max of 9) is starting to scare the shit out of me. last thursday, the missus almost slapped my face as i became catatonic for minutes staring into nowhere as the characters are playing their parts inside my head (having the moleskine is best for times like these). this in front of roasting galbi and cold beer. she made me promise not to that ever again, staring into space unseeing of the shit around me.

* * *

next on the reading list:

from the author of the novel “limitless” that was adopted into film.

this i bought at the strand for the cover and the blurb as both are very interesting. what’s not to love in a dystopian near future?

the best of the all the scandinavian crime writers out there. really.