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JUST FINISHED chapter 2. Onwards bravely to chapter 3 tomorrow after my 5K run in the rain. That’s 4, 858 words down and 75, 142 words to go. Hufuckingzaaaahhhh!!!


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I COULDN’T let go of the opening sentence that shook me awake at 3.35 AM two nights ago so I wrote last night and again early this morning after my 5K run. The first chapter clocks at 1, 776 words. The marathon to the 80, 000 word mark commences. But first, my alcoholic vitamin. More Dublin flatographs after the weekend.


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the road that leads to our suites. on the left is the park where i do my usual 5K in the hope of replicating my new york schedule of MWF.





at the city center at one corner of the park where joy takes the tram or luas to work. this is the strip where the film “once” is set.






bikes everywhere as their are designated lanes. there is also a public bike system that is scattered throughout the city where cycles could be had per day, month or year.






gaelic translation of the saxon language. no one speaks the above so i guess it is just one of those mandatory cultural things.






at the city center towards the temple bar, the obligatory touristy pub crawl.






this needs some serious checking out.








one of the better bookstores that feels like housing works back in new york. no fifty shades on the display windows.







pedestrian sign on the pavement. you’re in europe when the drivers are on the wrong side of the road.





an alley at the temple bar.





the dublin waterway crossed by bridges and tramlines.





theater is alive and well. on the far side of wall, so is lady gaga.






a wall mural in one of the streets a block away from temple bar.







amnesty international is big in this side of town. there are offices and ads and recruiters. my friend who lives in amsterdam where this organization is headquartered zeys that their zeal could get suffocating sometimes.





the main strip of the temple bar. smoking still lacks the stigma as it does in new york. young mothers could be seen puffing in front of their kids.





the market bar that i have taken as my 4 PM drinking spot, around four blocks from the touristy pubs.





the vestibule leading to the bar. observe the poster on the open service door of chang beer, thailand’s other brand (3 US $ in new york to singha’s 7 US $). that beer has a pro football league in europa.





my spot at the bar where i drink 3 pints of stella for my 4 PM vitamin requirement. wandering tourist, alcoholics, businessmen, and what have you drop by and leave to take their drink outside by the smoking terrace but i maintain my guard. a regular who also happens to love books, walked over and we talked about elmore leonard. he did his best to sound articulate as possible which i am really grateful.





my drink and my weird porn about cannibalism, sodomy, etc. this book is fifty shades darker than that atrocity.






the view of the rest of the bar where a sit down, waitered service could also be had





the view outside the room where i will be staring at as i commence project DOS POR DOS soon. last night at around 3 AM, the opening sentence came and i was able to write it on the moleskin. having carved out the path of all the three arcs, i am ready to begin writing the first chapter. maybe this monday. so help me gods. the writing will be done on the iPad where i have an awesome app called iAWriter that is the epitome of minimalism. it’s just me and the words and the page (as compared to MS Word where even if you hide all the tables and shit, the page still ¬†looks cluttered). this app has taken the design sense of mac to the fullest. so there. writing and drinking. and drinking and writing.


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I AM in the process of consolidating all my photos so there are no flatographic evidence yet of all my alki binges. I am writing this in my own Irish sa guijo where there are only a few of us at around 4 PM drinking, savoring the time before the dinner rush, well rushes in.

WHAT I miss most: costco. Fuck, I am now americanized like shit. Everything here is just a bath away from self-serve size. There are no soda beyond 8 fucking ounces, I shit you not. Bath tissue could be had per piece.

SO I have been drinking every four PM since day one. And I have been writing too since day one laying down narrative structures and character builds. The next novel, a hard boiled crime will commence in two fucking weeks. Let’s call it project: DOS POR DOS. That is as hardfuckingcore as it could get.

THE IRISH are big on newspapers as they are big on beer.

NOW I get my refill of beer and read something about cannibalism.


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THIS IS being written from an iPad because yes, it has come to that. For penance, I left the kindle on storage and hefted four books, one of them a hardback.

WE WERE the only Asians on the plane and it is only in the city center that we saw fellow orientals as we chanced upon an Asian Market. We saw a tita with two teenage boys at the grocery and from their smiles and greetings, it could be inferred that they are not locals. The snootiness of Canadian pinoys comes to mind.

AER LINGUS the Irish flag carrier which sounds like a sex act performed at 40,000 feet above the earth is the sister company of Cathay Pacific. No free alcohol but they are very loose on checked baggages. No one glances at the scale. Good thing.

THE AIRPORT is huge and clean and organized, the kind that makes you feel as you enter the arrivals hall that your flight is the only flight that day. There is no sense of rush even at the immigration counter where a sole official is the personification of politeness. First impression, the ancient language of Ireland spoken by the Druids are plastered as a translation on all official signage like directions and street signs. How cool is that?

THERE ARE no high rises with the maximum floor at five which is an indication that I am indeed in europa. There is also zero emission on all cars and there bike lanes. The layout is very pedestrian friendly although I miss the grid system of Manhattan. I will be walking around a lot with the challenge of not using the leap card (their MTA) as long as humanly possible. You have to walk to the bus and the train and even the taxi. Most taxi drivers I see on the stand are reading books. Every single one.

OUR FIRST meal is meat as we woke up at 4 pm after the flight back in time where we skipped both breakfast and lunch. Joy had a burger and I had a steak. Both are cooked really well, dispelling our fears that steaks in this side of the universe are served semi-conscious. We will be trying traditional food in the coming days as meals are on the company’s dime, lucky me. Got two pints of Guinness which reset my circadian thingy as I was already asleep by 10 pm last night.

– no plastic bags ever in grocery stores. nice.
– instant is big from coffee to noodles. I suspect this is economic. There are also small servings of soft drinks, very satchel mentality.
– the sound of seagull is everywhere. Somewhere out there is a Clarisse Starling getting scarred.
– temperature is at the 60s and I suspect that my nyorts will be worthless.
– all public transport excepting taxis are run in the honestly system like in Canada. You buy your card and then you go inside with no turnstiles or inspectors. Fuck yeah, first world.
– we bought a local sim where we get unlimited everything–talk, text, data–for 30 days for only 20 euros from a girls named Tanya who looks like Lindsay Lohan in mean girls. The term for “unlimited” is “top up” which again is very sexual.

NOW I run my 5K with zero navigational aid.

an iPhone entry while lying on a bed in a dark room

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Very nearly done packing, just the clothes that still need to be laundered and shoved into our boxes. Shoes and slippers too. The last two days will be very stressful with the giving up on this apartment’s lease which has been our new york home for close to five years. The utilities will be cut to excepting our cellphone lines–so we retain the new york 917 number as well as the unlimited talk, text, and data that comes with it. I don’t mind talk or text, it is the data that is the diamond. Over in europe, we are both getting prepaid vodafone lines and i am really excites to get a nokia smartphone. I have this perverse glee of touching a phone from the company who could have lorded over the market had they decided that deceiving consumers with “latest models” are already a thing of the past. Anyway…

We are still debating the merits of buying lonely planet europe or just winging it through articles from the nytimes. Definitely no hipster blogs will be consulted.

Friday, we exchange a shitload of american coins to bills and then to euros. Fuck, everything is going to get even more expensive than it really is.

First order of the day as soon as we land is to scout joy’s office. Then breakfast, grocery, find a running path, and then watch “cosmopolis” in a theater that serves beer. Also avail of the city’s bixi (bike+taxi) that is taking forever to be launch in ny.

We have eaten the stuff that needs to be eaten. We are down to thai and i hope we could still find the time. Adios, amigos, morpheus is already calling.


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I TOOK my last bath in the tub to consume the bath salts and body wash (sleep by bath&body) so we can throw away the empty bottles. this at around midnight after we called it a day of packing. only the bathroom stuff and the coffee maker needs to be boxed and we are pretty much set. i channelled my inner archimedes and thought hard about the new novel and by the time i toweled myself off, i was able to put onto the mac page and print three pages that i plan on pasting on my writing corner in dublin. the idea is as clear as crystal and looks much more so when it is set on courier 12 points on pristine 24 libra business paper. i now have my compass that i hope will lead me to 40,000 words the entire time we are in europe. by the time winter rolls in when we comes back, it’s going to be a sprint to the finish to the last 40,000 to the total of 80,ooo as the genre demands. i did it once before, i am doing it again.

I BOUGHT three books from the strand yesterday, paperbacks that i would need to read so that certain things could get out of my system before i write the first word of the first sentence of the first paragraph of the first chapter. the books are by an american, spanish, and swedish authors because i need to get the multicultural flavor before i do this. multicultural in the sense of one particular culture and not a looked through the eyes of an american.

JOY SHARED a very nice piece of news about her career wherein she got a mini-shitload of salary increase and a mini-shitload of cash bonus as well as being offered an executive position three years down the road. that would be around 2015 and hopefully, we can wrap up our new york city experience by then and move hopefully back to manila. although as i have always said, this gr33nc4rd always lead to citizenship so we have both yet to figure that out. but really, i wanna be in manila by that time. we shall see.

THE WEATHER is already changing. the cold is ever so slowly creeping back it. it could be felt midnight onwards, that chill in the air. even around late afternoon, the sun is already disorienting the way the light feels somewhat odd. and this is not helped by the fact that all the fucking ads on tv are about back to school. a couple of spammed email are even about christmas already and here i thought we pinoys have the monopoly on this previously pagan holiday. winter is always a bitch and really dread this one based on how relatively easy last winter was and how we lacked record breaking temperature this summer. i fear for pinoy real hipsters who would rather live like a rat just to be in new york than be a prince or princess back in manila. the cold kills baby and it might not be this winter but it will come for you.

NOW I prepare my lucky me! pancit canton for my breakfast, something i haven’t eaten in about five years. it seems somehow fitting as we don’t know if pinoy products could be had in dublin’s chinatown. see you from the old world. with pictures and more.


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CHAOS IN the house as the rest of the universal shit is aligning.

ALL PACKING for europe is the halfway point. same with all packing for the new house. i have no idea how we will survive this mess until saturday noon where we finally depart for dublin. the cable and internet and electricity will need to be disconnected too. and the post office mail rerouted to a temporary address. right now, we need one small carry on bag and a gazillion boxes from home depot.

THE NEW address that we hope to reside after europe has everything including closet space and a balcony not to mention the fucking sauna and pool. we really hope we secure the deal. i’m officially broke this very minute having turned over all my earnings (cash in thousands of dollars from writing gigs to the wife) so that we can secure the apartment before we leave. i’m broke but i’m happy, singeth alanis. also, i don’t really need the money. i am that domesticated.

THE FINAL knot has been untangled. now the bond paper has been turned and a blank one with the title “reversals and revelations” over the words “act 1” and “act 2” and “act 3” is mocking me. this page will be filled out hopefully before we fly. the goal is to write at least 40,000 words (half the novel’s length) while in europe and then do a sprint as soon as we get back. very doable as winter is best spent indoors and what better way to spend it writing and drinking. the very minute “act 1” is going to be filled out.

THE MELATONIN is kicking in.

BEFORE WE leave, the goal is eat the following: vietnamese, korean, filipino, italian (cheap pizza) and italian (expensive vongole) american hipster (brooklyn or dumbo), and of course halal (lamb over rice).

I’LL BE missing: reading at the library, running at the park (with two pulis that i always encounter on the way) and of course, the cheap ass food at chinatown. fuck, there is breaking bad too that i will just have to download. the new yorker magazine too as it just different reading from a page than on a screen.




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TONIGHT,  UNBRIDLED libation is in order.


REASON ONE, i only need one executional detail before page one could be written but that one tiny piece of cog in the wheel that is novel number three is still missing after two day’s worth of heaving thinking. heavy thinking that is done while sober. so it is time to reintroduce the alcohol. i can feel myself agonizing over it and being cranky at things and people. this cannot go on. so tonight, a bottle of vino.


REASON TWO, my visa arrived and we are leaving for europa next week at the latest. hu-fucking-zah! to the birthplace of dracula i go! i hope we get to vising amsterdam, venice, and barcelona. paris if we have the time and the money. all things are suddenly falling into place: our lease will be expiring and the new place is still being repaired (pool, gym, sauna, doorman, laundry room – i’ll be happy with just a working laundry room). and with my next cardio visit set at november, i am very much fluid.


THE GOAL is to eat out daily as much possible. there is a chinatown in dublin, but i have no idea how near or far is that from our residence. i also have to scout running routes.


I AM looking forward to the latest bourne film.