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FOR TWO days, the weather spiked that we reached 50s yesterday despite the rain. Today the temperature is dropping again with a chance of flurries. Nature giveth, nature taketh. I just want sunshine and heat or even just jacket weather. Add to that my Irish visa and i’ll be one happy loser.

ALSO FOR the past two days I have been writing a short story that I need to submit before February ends and while the words came with ease, today it just would not come. A bottle of wine might remedy the situation plus some crappy movie. We shall see. This is one of those that I thought I could just plough through only to discover that it needs some serious prework like an outline of some sort.

SINUSES FUCKED as fuck that I could only sleep by using breathe right ™ which is a lifesaver. I can sleep soundly, even better than melatonin although the vivid dreams are there. At least they are not nightmares. I am going to hoard more supplies later and maybe throw in a saline spray. I can feel my sinuses getting wounded by all the snot projectile oozing out ever time I blow my nose. Apparently, this is normal like allergies.

NOW I stare at the blank page.


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FROM NOW on, i will be living for tuesdays, the particular day when the irish consulate updates the status of visa applications. as anyone who knows me will tell, waiting is not one of the things i am capable of, so there goes.


JUST SENT off the missus at the the JFK airport and she texted me a photo of the almost empty plane to ireland. the thought that in less than an hour as i write, she will be in close proximity to guinness fills me with a considerable amount of envy like you wouldn’t believe. plus, there is of course irish stew and irish sausage and all things irish really, so please gods, do me a favor this once.


THE ANSWER to the printing and copying questions are not yet near nowhere the horizon. in the meantime, i am wasting precious time that would be better spent writing. winter is the best time to write for there is not much to do and everything is blanketed with a certain kind of quiet especially around 3 in the morning. but as i don’t have a writing corner (last year it was our bath tub) things are proving to be difficult. all i am doing is taking down notes and digital ones at that so i am really feeling very unproductive. i really wish i can send the entry materials already so i can move on and write shit down.


THE COLD has somehow backed off that i can walk outside again. my sinuses are fucked up big time though and i fell the need for vicks and breathe right. i miss running like hell, especially now that i can feel my body being manageable again due to the diet due to the gout attack that i got as soon as we landed from manila. and my living condition right now does not allow for me having my own yoga corner so i am left with walking and doing minor stretches. and dieting, of course. the diet itself revolves around the tried and tested ways of having very little to no food at night as much as humanly possible and to eat fruits and veggies instead of carbs and meat. also drinking the prescribed amount of water.


RIGHT ABOUT now, i really need to think about that new york thingy.


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8 MORE fucking weeks of frigidity. i have enough of winter and would really like the sun on my face soon. very, very soon. but today it might snow and i will have to settle for a double dose of vitamin D instead. i always say this every winter and i will say it again: this is the coldest winter so far. the kind that makes the body aches. last night we walked a couple of blocks and i really felt my whole body suffer that not even a bottle of wine could make it disappear. the only good thing is that i have no problem falling asleep with the cold. now i know why bears hibernate. 


DONE WITH the format of the manuscript and now i get to worry about printing and photocopying the novel as soon as the final rules of entry are posted. i am really worried about the cost that this would entail as i also need to mail it too. that would amount to roughly 6 reams of bond paper being shipped using registered, signature required mail in US dollars and i just can’t say if i will have the money to afford it especially that i don’t have an access to a printer and a photocopying machine. this would need more thinking. somewhere out there is the solution just hiding on the second glass of vino.


TELEVISION THIS season really sucks. i am watching “the taste” and fuck but what an unoriginal idea. even anthony bourdain couldn’t save it. somebody needs to pull the plug on reality shows really.


I NEED to get back on the next novel ASAP as another idea is knocking at the door. maybe i can do both this year.


HAVE BEEN thinking of doing a very long post about what to do if you are a first time visitor in new york but every time i try to write the thoughts down, i feel the need to make it really worthwhile. i might resort to old school outlining so that this would be done right. something like my own rough guide to new york. we shall see.


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IN A few hours i will be at the irish consulate in new york to renew my visit visa and right now i am praying to gods that i get a co-terminus date with joy whose working papers end this april. i am also beseeching the powers that be that the processing time be sped up so i can travel the soonest. watching the dublin edition of the layover gave me enough ideas on what to do. also, there is the volunteer aspect and i have set my sights on a couple of institutions that i want to take part of. there is also the next novel whose second act awaits. but the thing that is on the top of mind right now is witnessing st. patrick’s day while drinking with the locals at the old stand pub. that would really rule.

THE PROOFREADING is now on its last third part of the novel before i format it to competition standard (font, pagination, etc.) and basically, i am just catching spelling mistakes and the occasional punctuation fuck up. the plan is to mail (registered with signature receipt) as soon as the competition opens so that it would have enough time to travel to where it needs to travel. the printing and the copying would more painful than the editing and proofreading required but there you go. nobody said that writing is easy. nobody said that joining competitions wouldn’t be that hard. if i win and/or land an agent, whichever comes first, i rewarding myself with a pair of new moscot glasses. so please, help me gods.

SCOURING  THE whole city for any screening of “the master” to no avail. i am impressed by “zero dark thirty” but was not wowed with “les miserables” as a cinematic experience. there are a few this year that are better experiences than that. “cloud atlas” for example. or “holy motors”. the latter may win the foreign oscar and that may at least be worth the two hours of tv time that seems to be more vanilla by the year.


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DAY 7 tomorrow of my no carbs, no meat diet. i have already lost a few pounds and can feel my body being manageable again. i eat fruits (banana, apple) and veggies (cucumber, pepper, tomato) and the highlight, dark choco. no softdrinks and sodium and anything canned. and that includes alcohol. the goal is a size 27 waist by march 20, the first day of spring.


SUBMITTED A query of the novel to two agents yesterday by email and will be sending another one tomorrow by snail mail. competition-wise, i still have to proofread the printed copy for a final time before i print it for good.


YET TO see real snow this winter. the cold is there but not the flakes and i will be very happy indeed to get just on solid snowfall before spring. the forecast is more cold in the coming days but no snow as yet. i just want to play and take pictures and drink some old school hot choco.


HAVE SEEN “zero dark thirty” and loved it. i could not understand the snobbery and indignation about torture. i mean, hollywood and moralizing. also, isn’t good art supposed to disturb and not lull you to sleep?  right now, i am rewatching “the debt” and am still loving it. les mis is scheduled over the weekend as we can no longer afford the cinemas without discounted costco tickets.


TWO BOOKS on the reading list:





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Here I am at the Cathay Pacific lounge enjoying my millionth can of San Miguel beer and really, I can’t be grateful enough for this airline. I love this brand as much as I love my cardiologist so that at least is something. Bear in mind that plane travel this days is akin to rape where airlines want to screw passengers as hard and as often as they can but lo and fucking behold, this airline actually does something to make the trip worthwhile. So I am planning all these business class privileges as I wait for the boarding time to NYC and drinking the bear. After I get sloshed, I am hitting the noodle bar and unleashing the kraken.

* * *

Now let me retrace the holiday break.

The Noche Buena in Manila was weirdly fun. Given the very short notice, my in-laws managed pork barbecue in its many iterations. There were also grilled samaral. And beer, of course. Coming from a day’s travel, I slept around two as we still need to fly to Bicol at 12 noon. Lunch was pancit and chicken at Legaspi. And that’s when the rain started. Rain that would put Ireland to shame. Really. Rain that gave my unschooled uncles the idea about climate change.

* * *

Ah, my criminal lawyer friends who are also in the fucking police force. Many a rainy nights have we drank together and my enthusiasm for my next novel was rebooted like fuck. I can’t wait to attack act 2 and be done with it by the time summer rolls in, preferably in Dublin.

* * *

The second novel has been line edited and printed and come NYC the final proof reading will commence so I can submit it to more literary agents and the beauty contest known as the Palanca Awards. So help me gods.

* * *

I just learned that the Philippines biggest import last year is rare earths. Have anybody has any idea that we could become a world superpower because of this? I shit thee not. This is the stuff of science fiction except that this is very much a fact. If we are a European nation, we would already have healthcare, education, and retirement because of this.

* * *

I miss you all already, you, who always makes me libre when I am in Manila.

* * *

Fuck it, the fucking sodomite has some heavy baggage on his ass. It is sad. Really, really sad.


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ONLY ONE thing matters this year and i am now on its prep work. The edit has been done and the novel still clocks at 140,000 words. This will be its count because a story is finished when it is finished, not by word counts arbitrarily set by who the fuck ever. (The publishing world dictates that a first novel should be 80,000 words but my research tells me some have ignored this and succeeded). I have also written its summary and my author bio and i only need to fill out two forms. Then it is waiting time until i have to print the manuscript and make copies of it and let it loose upon the world to be judged.

TWO NIGHTS of liver maniration in alcohol with my police/criminal/lawyer friends when copious amounts of notes were secured. I am now ready to take on act 2 of the next novel. Really i can’t wait to open the manuscript and plunge headlong into the end when i face the long winter nights of new york.

I HAVE yet to decide on my volunteer work this year as our schedule is very volatile. If i find myself back in europe, something arts related is in order.

THE WEATHER sucks so we headed for the pool instead of the beach. It is not the same.

LONG HAIR and peace. I am keeping this mess of a hairdo as long as humanly possible this year.