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In Uncategorized on February 2, 2013 at 6:47 pm

FIRST OFF, wordpress is doing a godsdamn fine job in the design of its interface. flat and minimalist with no fucking nonsense. bravo.

THE SUN is out today but as mother nature would have it, so is the cold. i ventured out with four layers of clothing plus gloves and a bonnet and was able to reach union square for some ramen. and then i chased it with an afternoon screening of “the master”.

THE FILM is one brilliant piece of work and anyone who has a passing interest in cults in general and scientology in particular would really enjoy it. especially if one has read “dianetics” and is familiar with the biography of l. ron hubbard. but the film itself is something even without this background. that would be my oscar bet this year but what do i know?

ALSO WATCHED through amazon streaming “the imposter” and coming in cold except for a poster i saw once in one of the art films in the village, the work blew me away. i hope it wins for best documentary.

THE OBJECTIVE of today’s excursion is to venture out and catch some sun as well as to take some photos on my iPhone. except that the cold proved to be too much of a bitch that i cannot push the iPhone with my gloves on so no photos. not even of the construction at second avenue. maybe next time.

THE SHORT story is coming together very well and i am already on the half way part. two and a half more scenes, a read through with the necessary adjustments and then i am done with this. the deadline is within this month for a fall/winter publication if ever it is accepted. please gods.


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