s m o r g a s w o r d


In Uncategorized on February 7, 2013 at 8:02 pm

WOULD YOU believe that there is a winter alert until sunday? six to eight inches of snow are expected to arrive starting tomorrow. the sad part is that my gout is acting up so drinking alcohol is out of the agenda. what i bought instead are grapes and banana and pork ribs and shrimp so that we at least have something to eat by the time the storm makes land fall.


ALMOST, ALMOST done with the short story. i just need to perfect the ending for indeed i have found the ending but it need to be a little more kick ass. a few more description up front and i am ready to hit print and proofread. it has been a very long while since i actually finished a short story so i guess this needs  a sort of celebration. oh right, i can’t drink because of gout. fuck.


JUST WHEN i think that TV during the winter months is dead, here come “the house of cards” and “the americans”. this might just be the cure for SAD.  tomorrow, i watch “side effects” by soderbergh whether come rain and snow, even hail and brimstone.


NOW I go back to what has been written so far and do the necessary adjustments. so help me gods.


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