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THERE IS nothing like popping in the mail room and finding an amazon box with your name on it. today, two books arrived: “cook it raw” by the editors of phaidon and “suicide girls-hard girls, soft light” ny missy suicide and her girls. these will join two other book under the tv, titled “steve jobs” by steve isaacson and “sorry for the lobsters” by neil french. i don’t know if i should call them coffee table books as they are not on  a coffee table and i actually read those damn things, yes, even the soft porn that is suicide girls. another photography book (this time about suburbs) that is still in the pre-prod stage will join the pack and then i will be happy.

EVERYTHING IS quiet in the house. it is just me, the book i am reading (“a good and happy child” by justin evans), and a three fingers worth of j&b whiskey (for some reason, i did not read at the dublin airport and just grabbed many a green bottle which turned out NOT to be jameson. fuck me. i remember a discussion during arthur’s day that there are hardcore drinkers who would not touch protestant whiskey. well, i just would have to drink my mistake, har-de-fucking har.) that feeling that i should go through my notes and attempt to write is getting stronger by the night. it is happening again. the notes are all in order, i just need one insomniac night to right the false start written months ago.

MONEY AND schedule permitting, i am listening to a kgb bar reading titled “the nervous breakdown literary experience”. tell me, how can i not go?

THE RUNNING has been happening, three times a week, all thanks to sensei rica. the goal is the outer loop by fall. as always, i don’t know if i can do it but the other time i set this goal, i actually managed. so here’s to optimism.












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AN ENTRY at 6.43 in the ayem while i drink very strong coffee with very sweet condensed milk.


ONE VERY worthwhile thing that we did over the long weekend was to watch the third film of the “before…” installments and all i can say that it is one of the year’s best. no, that would be one of this decade’s best. every frame was just perfect.


A VERY important gear of the story machine is called the set-up/pay-off. this gear makes everything possible. pigs fly as a pay-off if set up properly. and the film was a brilliant string of set-ups/pay-offs that just kept coming like a locomotive.  i can’t wait to read the screenplay for a more in-depth analysis.


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NEVER SEEN joy so inebriated post-Dublin. which could only be a good thing.


 A RECAP of the very long weekend:

– mostly the weather was crappy. rain and chill and all the rest that is not supposed to happen during the days leading to the first day of winter. imagine three layers of clothing on the last days of may. some are even wearing uggs.

– of all the tasks that we tasked ourselves to do, the curtains and the unboxing did not happen. we got all our shit in the house though excepting the paintings. plus, the shower curtain was changed so that is a good thing. oh, i also found my old birks.

– jc and rica hosted us for a very lovely dinner wherein we got a very nice idea of something that would substitute rice.

– ordered all the things that need to be ordered and renewed all the things that need to be renewed. the week will be spent receiving packages.

– also bought four fucking new shirts: 1-nike run drifit (grey), 2-uniqlo return of the jedi (white), 3-ny yankees licensed tee ichiro #31 (dark blue), and 4-i love new york licensed tee (white). i have this thing about white shirt. (there is also a new nike running shoes and shorts but the shirts are what i am really excited about.)

-back to the wife’s state of inebriation. our hungarian broker invited us to a backyard bbq and we went two hours late with no expectations and lo and behold, we got transported back to dublin. an oldies crowd, free flowing beer, good conversation. i can see joy in her element chatting up everyone. plus the sausages were heavenly, too. (our broker was a former butcher for a german restaurant.) before we left, a brazilian couple scheduled the next gathering at that restaurant. huzzah!


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A VERY long weekend that is sure to be rain spattered.


– order books from amazon. one is suicide girls by missy suicide, and two is cook it raw by phaidon editors

– renew magazine subscriptions to: nytimes, the economist, wired, esquire, and if money permits, granta and the paris review

– install curtains

– empty the rest of the boxes

– do laundry

– arrange closets

– buy running shoes online

– renew MoMA membership

– dinner at rica and jc


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CRAPPY WEATHER. if it is not cold, it is raining. but then again this is better than a heatwave, something that is very sure this year given how little snow we got last winter.


THE WHOLE achievement the past week was stocking the pantry of bottles of hot sauces from nando’s, salad sauces, and the triumvirate of toyo, suka, and patis. thankfully, there is a very small SKU of rufina patis from malabon to be had at chinatown. in a real glass bottle with a hardcore cap that allows for dropping the sauce than pouring it.


IN A not so unrelated news, the nytimes reports that a total and even low sodium diet is as harmful to humans as a high sodium consumption with the same chances of cardio fuckups.


COOKED YESTERDAY the first meal in the spanking kitchen. pancit bihon with ikea meatballs. the order of the week are chicken sopas (college cafeteria style) and pasta with tomato and basil. the fruits and the salad are still happening.


THE RUNNING is happening. it is the writing that needs to be picked up. there is just no excuse.


AREN’T WE all tired of fucking apps? after facebook like, apps are the fucking tool of needy, needy brands. 


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WHAT I would give to be drinking at the old stand pub in dublin. every single day as five PM rolls by, i feel tortured. haven’t checked out any of the irish bars nearby due to the fact that on one of my walks, i saw a bar (not irish) serving tap beer on disposable glasses. i don’t know but if i am parting with seven dollars plus a single as tip for a beer, it better come in a fucking glass. but this is new york where civility is thrown out the window in the pursuit of money. i mean, imagine that, beer inside a bar served in disposable plastic glasses. the horror.

WE MIGHT travel in about two months time to amsterdam. i am praying to my tentacled gods that we have enough money so we can do a stopover in dublin. i really, really miss that place and its people.


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ONLY TWO boxes remain to be unpacked. one, the extra large box from home depot containing shoes and the other, a johnny air box containing bathroom stuff. and then it would be official that we are really done with unpacking. of course, this is not true, we still have boxes full of winter clothes, boxes full of clothes to be sorted before it could be sent to manila, and boxes of documents that joy needs to shred. but the first two boxes are the ones in the line of sight and the only thing uglyfying the apartment. i’d say we’re done with the move-in as soon as the paintings and the posters are on the windows and walls.


TODAY, I unpacked the books and shelved them with the same arrangement as before. there is a space for my reference books, followed by my crk books, and then the rest of the books in no particular order. on the tv stand are two pieces of fiction and two pieces of non-fiction. on my bedside table is “under the dome” by stephen king that i plan to re-read before the tv series starts next month.


WE’VE GOT cable (free hbo, cinemax, showtime) as well as internet (free turbo for a staggering 50Mbps download speed). 


EVERYTHING THAT needs to be assembled has already been assembled including joy’s working table by the window. she has yet to start working on it though. but it is nice to know that it is there and that we won’t be fighting for the precious piece of real estate called the dining table to get some things done. in an alternate universe, we have around three thousand US dollars to spare so we could buy ourselves a descent dining table that could seat six people. for now, we are making do with the old one.


THIS SPRING weather has morphed back into winter. while rain is OK with me, it the godsdamn cold that is a pain. fifty degrees in may? what is that?


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Another iPhone entry so caps and lower.

The time-warner tech will install the internet & tv connection tomorrow. A necessary evil once again enters our house.

The minor accomplishments are:
-emptying the suitcases
-buying tabo (from muji, 7$ each, maybe the only hint of sosyality in our ikea-themed house)
-buying candles and handsoaps

Tonight, I retrieve my unread books and Guinness pint glasses from our hosts while we were homeless, Pajanamals. I miss Dublin terribly. The promise to reward myself a pint of Guinness might occur tomorrow. Gods, I beseech all of thee to please send the wife to a short trip to Dublin. Maybe in the next bank holiday weekend?

I am currently reading “masters of the word: how media shaped history from the alphabet to the internet” by William J. Bernstein. If you are a citizen of this century, this is a must read.

I can’t wait to finish all the unpacking so that we could host a sort of warming. And also welcome the very first guest to have a sleepover. You people know who you are.


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An iPhone entry so caps & lower.

We are not even halfway through with the housekeeping. Boxes and boxes and boxes are all over the place. Not a single one of my things have found its destination except my toothbrush. Even my passport is still in the luggage. We are prioritizing Joy’s stuff from her business suit to her vitamins to her laptops.

Tonight is our second night in this new apartment. I am still in the familiarization mode waking up at odd hours. Joy is like a an obrero the whole night, snoring and not moving a muscle…

Cut to: I just woke up and realized I fell asleep in the middle of the entry. Breakfast must be made the soonest. All of my body is aching. Will sleep some more after Joy leaves.

The TV and internet is still disconnected and part of me does not want it. But the wife needs it for work, so…My only say in the matter is that we still get cable AND internet, not one of those streaming bullshit where you can’t watch TV when someone is using the iPad. This, I suspect, is the reason apple is not yet launching their TV streaming ala iTunes because the US bandwidth is way below South Korea and Japan standards. As of now, time-warner is offering premium alternatives and that seems to be the only solution. I have seen streaming TV that at best pixelizes and at worst, freezes. So cable is still the way.

We have the sofa assembled. What remains are Joy’s work station (desk & darth vader chair), another bookshelf for me, and a side table. The bedroom is actually spacious enough that we could have two side tables.

Now I sleep this aches away. But first, Biogesic.


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BASIC NEW york door sign with buzzer, peephole, and dedundant alphanumeric designation.  fifth floor, obviously. we have a single key that works both locks and an electronic fob that works the main door and common area. also the small one that opens the mailbox.


SUPERSTITIOUS BELIEF meets hipsterism. rice, salt, and sugar in ball jars that were the very first physical objects to enter the new house. both me and my wife has done this in our respective houses in manila so why not continue the tradition in new york?


THE LIVING room, as seen from the foyer. note the window. it actually opens. to its left, unseen, is another bigger window that opens to balconette numero uno. to its right, up the stairs is another bigger window, partially seen, that opens to balconette numero dos. and note the bad ass airconditioning unit under the stairs.


AT THE left side of the foyer is a half bath. a toilet bowl, sink, and mirror. there is a space before the door that accommodates a coat hanger but could easily house a shelf for extra storage. and right after the apartment door before you arrive at this bath is an indentation that could fit a bike if hung upright. opposite the bath is the security and communication console towards the main door and the doorman.


THE KITCHEN which extends towards the living room. big ass ref that could house around seven cases of stella, in my humble guesstimation. gas stove and microwave. joy says that we should have gotten a dishwasher for the price of the rent but i have no complaints. the half bath is more important to me because i love visitors who stay overnight or more and washing dishes is a cure for writer’s block. the living room wall that extends to the oven could house the “godot”painting that we scored in dublin.


THE LANDING towards the bedroom. the door opens to a balconette. the space before and after the door could house the prints from berlin and sunny.

photo (6)

THE VIEW from the bedroom as it overlooks the balconette. remember that we have another of this at the foot of the stairs that also fully opens to let the sunshine and spring chill in.

photo (7)

THE BEDROOM. another window that opens, another aircondition unit. that space by the A/C joy wants to claim as her working area. it would be my daytime writing area (as at night i write at the bath tub). the wall space before the window or its opposite could house the “odysseus” painting.

photo (8)

THE OTHER half of the bedroom. the space on the left leads to a walk-in closet. if you see a door, it is because the closet is also a walk-out closet that leads to the sixth floor.  before that closet is the full bath flanked by two other closets. note the recessed lighting, a rarity in manhattan.

photo (11)

THE FULL bath, or at least a portion of. note the safeguard, and the smug asian in the mirror.

NOW I sleep and prepare myself for the big move tomorrow right after a cook a spamsilog for breakfast.