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ONLY ONE resolution this new year. Write more. The second draft of novel numero dos, the last half of novel numero tres, and beginning novel numero quatro which was conceived while having dinner and drinks last 17 December. So, more writing, nothing else matters.


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FOREGOING THE usual best of the year list. This 2013, there is one and one thing only that made it. And that is my novel winning the beauty contest. This is the year that I leave my mark in this world with my words.

AS I have written in this blog years ago, I will never discover the cure for cancer, I will never amass enough wealth to enable me to wage a war against malaria, I will never have the mental prowess to discover the next earth. But I can write a novel that will make an impact in Filipino literature and maybe even the world.

(ANOTHER REASON for writing the novel is on a personal level: I wanted to find out why there are such huge egos from advertising creatives. My theory is that every creative knows that all they can do is write ads and is afraid that they will never be able to write a novel or create a film or design clothes or write music, because otherwise, what are they still doing in advertising? Again this is a personal theory, something I personally experienced and I felt such horror thinking that all I am going to be is a writer of ads.)

THAT AWARDS night is something I will never forget. For once a national artist for Philippine literature knew me. Poets, playwrights, novelists, essayists, all who matter in the field of writing accepted me into the fold. And a hooters girl with very big breasts even ask that she had her picture taken with me.

AND THAT was 2013, the year I became a novelist with a piece of gold in the form of a medal to prove it.

* * *

THIS YEAR we also have a very inspiring Pope in all my years as a Catholic. There are no words really to describe how grateful I am for his stewardship of the Church except maybe that he is proof of the existence of a loving God.

HAPPY NEW year everyone and see you all in a few winks.


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ALMOST DONE with research.

SO FAR, travelled to Quiapo and it’s nearby environs, read a lot of manuscript from the National Archives within the National Library. Tomorrow, I hit Palasyo Malacanan. And then I am officially done with research and can finally move on with the second draft novel número dos which is actually novel número uno.

THE NATIONAL archives is impressive despite its analog charm of card catalogs and manual log in of readers. Even more impressive is the number of students researching their dissertations. And I am talking about undergrad students sharing my disdain for the internet. Overheard verbatim: the internet is for the lazy. Yes, there is hope.

NOW I get pale Pilsen from the ref.