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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first love, G. You were the first and I will love you forever.


TWO FILMS that are on my schedule:







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SPRING IS finally here. Rain, rain everwhere to awaken the sleeping greens. In some streets, shoots are already gearing to blossom in their full verdan glory. Sidewalk plantboxes have been restored to flowery plants delivered by the truck. Colors.


READING SERIOUS novels by this famous American author. The technique is to compensate it with unknown works by unknown authors. A sort of literary dessert. I miss going to the library and scanning books at bookstores to be borrowed from the library. Yes, there is an app for that.


WORKSHOPS ARE the scam of this decade. The thing is, why would someone who has never written a novel be able to hold a workshop for a fee, about how to write a novel? In what universe is this not a crime? 


SOON, WHEN I am not in bed writing in darkness, a longish report of my Brooklyn adventures. All I can say is that there is food truck that sells “scramble” — yes, flavored ice sold by the cup outside elementary schools that our teachers have warned us is dirty. Guess what, Brooklynites are lapping that shit up. There is actually a line as late as 6 PM when I haul my ass to the F train.


NOW I sleep or read or write depending on what comes first. Or last.