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WOKE UP to the sound of birds chirping. I hope it means we got ourselves an early spring. Daylight has been coming early and lasting longer although the subfreeze temperatura is still there. But yes, birds in the morning.



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THE BLIZZARD that never was. Which could only be a good thing. The city mayor learned from the last time and learned fast. The over preparedness, if there is such a thing, paid off. All private transport were banned from the streets, all schools suspended. Most businesses shut down. Even our designy studio went home at 4 pm yesterday and did not have work today. We did went to the park today for some photos. Oh, I made some kick ass chicken pospas.

SIDE NOTE: a reader from Manila is eating every meal that appears in the novel. Pospas is the very first and Cebu lechon among other things is the very last. A reader from California also noticed this and her favorite meal is the cucido. As I have written earlier, one of my very first readers noted that my food descriptions made her drool every time a character eats. So there. But the book and have a culinary tour of the Philippines.











A NEW hardback Moleskin plain notebook and a 0.7 Zebra Sarasa clip pen is joining my iPhone and Herschel wallet. A wad of Post-Its detailing acts 1, 2, and 3 are already secured. It is time to do the impossible again.


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A MAC entry, something that I have not done for a long time as most of the entries the last few months were done on the iPhone. With further ado…


ONE OF the best films I have ever seen so far this year is The Duke of Burgundy at the IFC Center last Friday. As I’ve said previously, this one is about atmosphere, gothic atmosphere to be exact. And by gothic I mean the kind that is intertwined with erotica. This film is one of the best lesbian love story ever told. And there is one scene in this film that reached the level of Mulholland Drive’s “Silencio”. Really creepy and beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.


LATE LAST year, we snagged a couple of tickets to Constellation. Today, we braved the wind and the cold and the crowd of Times Square and saw a very beautiful play. The cast were superb as are the set and the lighting. This is another love story but the narrative structure is one of the most difficult to pull off in most form of media, especially on the stage where there is no editing involved. I am buying a copy of the stage play in a moment for further critical insight into how the play was written and what the director has read before he brought it to life.

A GOOD weekend so far. Did I mention that I have six bottles of wine scored from Trader Joe’s in preparation for the snowstorm?

NOW I get back to writing.


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A NEW film from the director of “Berberian Sound Studio” who is believe is the only filmmaker today who knows the meaning of the word “atmosphere”. I am really excited for this one. Screening begins in minutes and I cannot wait.


READING WHAT could be the heaviest book I could read this year. If my favorite horror writers of the late 80s got into an orgy, this would be the progeny. Read it.



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PHOTOS, BEFORE anything else.





I FEEL anxiety whenever I ran out of books to read. Double anxiety if I am riding the subway alone without a hardcopy of either a book or a magazine. This is one of those first world problems.

THE SECRET to life is having a slush fund that only you know about. Think a criminal’s exit strategy. I have two funds in US dollars and Euros built over the years. No one knows these exist. I do inventory twice a year. These are course not to be treated as investments or savings or the money that we will use to fund the next Paris trip or that ginormous Sony flatscreen. These funds do not exist. If only I can tell you the peace of mind these two little piles of moneys give me.

WHERE IS the fucking snow?


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HOME-MADE BACON. Thick cut pork belly undergoing lime, soy sauce, garlic, and cracked pepper corn overnight cure. Will be replicated as soon as we hit our Chinatown grocery. This will be my second kitchen experiment of 2015 after crispy pata bites (don’t ask, it needs photos and a whole culinary treatise).


MY TRUSTED BACKPACK. Arguably my best purchase of last year.

THE FOLLOWING were taken through a passenger window as we roamed Philly.







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PHILADELPIA NEVER ceases to fucking amaze me. The last time we were here, I discovered the beer place by the dockyard (a real dockyard with ships floating on water unloading container vans) where bottled beers could be had from the freezers, paid at the counter, and then consumed at the premises. No loud music, no weird lighting, no expensive shit peddled as atmosphere. Just real people having a good time.

THIS TIME, we hit Chinatown. A Malaysian restaurant named (what else) Banana Leaf. But here is the deal. It is a BYOB and boy, do people bring their B. The cuisine is authentic Malay with all the usual suspects and caveats (the chicken is served at room temperature, please ask your server; the fish head curry is a whole fish head, please ask your server, etc.) and the atmosphere is what I will call a Saturday night: friends that are on the upwards of four (median estimate is 8), smartly dressed, having a great time over great food. Again, no loud music, no weird lighting, no fucking douchebaggery. Great food, your own poison, all your friends. I swear I saw a table with each one having their own bottle. The demographic spread was about 30 percent Asian (Chinese, us Pinoys, and Indians) and the rest Caucasians. What a scene. Did I mention the food was great?

IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY has improved a lot, hasn’t it?






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DID YOU know that a hipster dies at the end in my obra maestra? A very classic death by Brooklyn if you will. So buy it now or forever chase the cool.

COLD AS fuck. But no snow. Central park has hired some snow producers so the kids can sled during the long weekend. And tangentially, last year was the hottest in history. Imagine that.


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ARGENTINA’S ENTRY to this year’s Academy Awards has that something. I plan to watch it as soon as an arthouse cinema decides to re-release the title.

A PHOTO of what I partially do.



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STILL WINTER. About 60 more days to go before spring.

PHOTOS AS promised:



I JUST wanna drink and sleep.