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STILL IN deep fucking freeze.

STILL WEARING warmers and scarf.

IF YOU go to any fashion store in Manhattan, you won’t be able to buy woolen jackets, gloves, scarves, thermal underpants. That is how stupid marketing is.

I HAVE a question to the 2 people reading this blog: if I finish my screenplay, would you produce it? Remember, I have never written a novel before but by the time I actually did one, it won the fucking grand prize in the Palanca. Apply that discipline to screenwriting and lo and fucing behold…


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TODAY, I’VE done two things never done before:

1-wore a scarf that Sunny gave me as a going away gift to NYC years ago, and

2-wore warmers that I bought at the Greenbelt Marks&Spencer just before we immigrated.

That’s how cold it is. And this weekend, it is going to snow. My mind is in Coron, Palawan and I am on the shore drinking San Miguel Pale.

Fuck this weather.


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DEEP FREEZE that was last felt like 1888. The road in Manhattan are salted. Sidewalks are treacherous frozen moats with the ice now camo’ed by dirt. In the bedroom, the heater has been turned on for about one week straight now, with the window slightly opened to let oxygen in as well as some of the cold. Same with the living room.

HOLIDAY TODAY and if it were up to me, I’d be sleeping the whole day in bed sleeping. Or at the sofa glued to NETFLIX. But writing needs to be done as are the dishes and the throwing of trash. Might take a midday nap though just to feel this holiday.

THE WRITING of the play has progressed as is the research. I plan to finish at least 13 pages of dialogues today before moving on to a short story whose idea came over the weekend. There are notes but no actual words yet except the title.








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STILL WINTER here. Another deep freeze is expected tonight until all of Sunday. Thank fuck Monday is a holiday which will be devoted to writing and more writing. Because the Palanca Deadline is about to open.

THIS MORNING, I awoke to more birdsong.

LAST NIGHT was spent ironing out details and structure for a play I am writing.

I AM also adding a cookbook treatment to the things that need to be done before the year ends.

REMEMBER THAT bacon thingy I learned from Pennsylvania? I finally got the courage to try my very own pata bites after stumbling across cubed pata in Chinatown. Did the whole thing one evening from the congee to the towka to the fishballs and of course, the mind-bending crispy pata in bite-size goodness.

PHOTOS AS empirical proof:

First, the butcher-fresh, bite-sized pata. Sinews, bones, fat, flesh, and skin.


Then, the boiled bites, after 30 minutes in Chateau de Blasio AKA New York water. I added salt, pepper, onions, and garlic.


Then comes the deep fry. I use a small, deep, aluminum pot half-filled with vegetable oil that I set on high heat and dumped the pata bites just before the oil boils. See the goodness?


Of course, I also made the tokwa and the fishball and the sawsawan and the chicken pospas as I was cooking the pata bites. And then we devoured them awesome foods. Winter can suck eggs elsewhere.




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A VERY domestic weekend. Saturday was spent as a pre-spring cleaning. Every square inch of surface of the house from the floor to the books to the stove. I guess we just miss our mother-in-law who as most mothers-in-law do, kept the house spic ‘n span. A huge accomplishment for us, also an exercise aside from the yoga we had before breakfast. Real yoga, not sexual intercourse, har-de-fucking-har. We also shipped out a book I signed to a customer in Florida. Then we had lunch at Xi’An famous foods, a very perfect food to the cold. We shared lamb offal soup, pork sandwich (as asado as can be, must try!) and pork with hand-shredded noodles. More cleaning when we got back including throwing out three days of thrash plus the day’s discard’s mostly recyclables. For dinner, we just headed out to Citarella where excellent jamon serrano was has plus–get this!–kale with quinoa salad. We also had the cheapest (4$ for two persons, good for two servings at least for us Pinoys), muy delicioso mushroom soup. The last time we tasted mushroom soup this good was in Europa. And of course, we had vino to go with the jamon, a Malbec. We ended the day with Hide and Seek on Netflix, a very solid Korean thriller.

I PRINTED out two finished short stories yesterday. Nothing beats seeing neatly printed, formatted words that you have written on paper. And this time, I used Nitti Basic Light which is even more beautiful than my previous default of Courier. If only submissions today could be done on hard copy. I also formatted a stage play I am currently writing and wrote some notes for ideas on the next short story with a self-imposed deadline of the last day of this month. Most important is that I added another bullet to the 2015 Writing Goals which is: Think of a cook book treatment.

TODAY, WE woke up to the birdsong again. No sunlight though and there is a winter advisory from tomorrow to Tuesday. We have slept for two nights now with the windows slightly opened and the A/C set on auto. But with the coming freeze this week, heating will be had once again.

TIME TO buy the croissant and scramble some eggs. More writing needs to be done, but there is church too, plus a screening of the Oscar Animated Live Action Shorts on IFC. Adios, friends.


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LAST 28 January, we mark the 7 year anniversary of arriving in New York. The first thing that I notice was the cold, followed by the filth, followed by all kinds of races. I loved it. Today, we are permanent residents, waiting to be eligible as applicants for citizenship. Nothing much has changed. It is still cold, filthy, and peopled by different races. We’ve moved to a bigger apartment (though still small as every other house that is not a brownstone), spent almost a year in Europe, I’ve got myself a stress-free job (yes, that is possible), and wrote an award-winning novel (also possible). And my wife is on track to partnership, though just like me, she is also looking at the wort case scenario, which in itself could not be even half bad, being an executive in a Fortune top 50 company. So yes, New York has been good to us so far. That does not mean that we can’t pack up and go back should things change. Although I will miss a lot–like my cardiologist, the park, the cuisine–we can still make it in Manila. I think this is the healthiest way to live in New York. I have personally known people who would rather live like rats and scam their way into a daily existence as a New Yorker. Pathetic, really. But anyway. We will continue to enjoy this city as long as we are here.

DUBLIN, on the other hand, is where I left my heart in. Not a day passes by that I do not think of the good times that were had. That lovely city is like my first love–I will always hold dear and never forget.





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ANOTHER STORM. 35 MPH served via -20* F. But the city is prepared. As always. Storms here can end presidency after all (think Katrina). As it should be.

THE IN-LAWS are en route to the Motherland. I will miss the spotless kitchen, bathroom, everything else really. Also the food. A diet of salad for lunch will continue while fruits for dinner will commence. What I won’t miss is the Filipino channel. Gods I hate that shit.