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WE’RE GONNA be reverse-conquistadores!



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BACK IN Babel. Jet lagged as fuck. The only good thing is that I can cook a proper breakfast involving eggs before schlepping to Brooklyn. A proper breakfast equals a banana for lunch. A very great ideal money-wise. We got upgraded to Business Class. I had fish for dinner and congee for breakfast and instant noodles for merienda (the choice was actually wonton soup but I opted the proletariat offerring of MSG laden instant noodles). I read all the way ignoring the art films on board. Wrote the narrative arc on the iPad for my next writing project. Wrote a couple of character name studies. At JFK International, we cruised through immigration cared of our Global Entry IDs, which is proving to be the best purchase of the year.

ANOTHER YEAR, another birthday. Into negative one this year. I don’t want to celebrate but Joy bought balloons and a cake and we had tapas. Jamon Serrano plus a couple of glasses of Rioja. Sleeping by 11 PM and was able to do excel and netsuite the next day. Hurray for an oldie like me who would rather purvey fish at Nepa Q Mart or butcher pigs in Bicol. Things I would never, ever do. But yes, I survived another year, basically because of my wife.
A THING is happening with the novel. Don’t wanna jinx it so I’ll leave it at that. 
THIS WEEKEND, we catch up on life. Also, I write some words.


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FLIGHT BACK to New York.

SO FAR, a lot of firsts:

  1. Winning another Palanca. Scoring a second means you know where the buffet is, how to request alcohol from the roving staff during the speech, saying hi to the old timers.
  2. Seeing my play onstage. Who would have thought? Okay, while writing the play two weeks before the deadline, I actually thought how the characters would behave onstage.
  3. Gave a speech to a creative writing class. I imparted the age-old wisdom that if you know the right persons, marijuana is free. That’s how it has always been.

ON MY plate are: write the next thing and try to forget what I have submitted.

WRITING THE next thing is already began. The plot points are already listed down on my Moleskin and I have a very vague idea of where it is going to go. As for the submitted short story, I really, really wanted it to be picked up as the publication venue is legit as fuck and the story is my best so far.

IN A few hours, we will be flying back to the other city and I am praying to all my gods for an upgrade to business class or just an access to the mind-blowing lounge in Hong Kong.

I AM also looking for a couple of newly released books at the airport bookstore. There is a very big chance that I’ll be successful in locating the titles as the airport bookstore carries literary novels and not the usual crap found in JFK.

MEANWHILE, I am bringing two Filipino books with me. I was also angling for a couple local magazines but as expected, the September issue is not yet at the newsstands. This is how unprofessional the local publication business is: no one can be bothered to do shit on time. And don’t get me started on how sales ladies react when you ask them to do a search.

BUT ONWARDS, I have to buy some eggs that will go with our breakfast of hotsilog (purefoods!) longsilog (hamonado longganisa) and tinsilog (Bicol tinapa, small galunggong that are uber hard when friend and not soggy unlike the common ones). These will be followed by pandesal with quezo and instant coffee by Nescafe. Fuck, I am missing this miserable country already!