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Next year will be about writing. Finishing what needs to be finished and starting what needs to be started. And the deadline is by March 30 of both the screenplay and the stageplay. As for the novel, at least act 1 by that time. Stories do indeed write themselves if you have a solid idea (solid = can be written in a single sentence) but you still need to find the time and commit yourself to a deadline.
The weather is scaring me.
The recurring dream of carinderia food continues. I should be in Bicol but alas, there’s work and stuff.
Tomorrow I am cooking kurobuta sausage for breakfast. And bacon. And silog. The eggs will be malasado at the center, tostado at the edges. The rice will have scallions and pink salt.
Tonight, I read and write monologues.


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So it looks like the year is done. A rundown of the notables:

15. Ex Machina the film. My best of the year.

14. The Duke of Burgundy. A very close second.

13. Stumbling upon a tumblr created to shame a shameless person who victimized a very close friend.

12. Ninong to a couple of inaanaks. True to character, I am being a useless ninong.

11.  Purity the novel by you know who.

10. Eileen the novel by Ottessa Moshfeg.

9. Dublin and The Old Stand Pub.

8. Proving my letterring and caligraphy skills to my Swiss designer boss.

7. Tapas in Granada.

6. Jamon Iberico in Madrid.

5. Rioja vino in Madrid.

4. Nothing Ever Happens the novel by Jose Overejo

3. Deafheaven’s New Bermuda album.

2. The Song Comeback from that album.

1. Winnig another Palanca.

Especial mention: seeing Goya’s and Velazquez works in Museu del Prado.


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THINGS AND stuff continue to happen.


ONE. An Acquisitions Editor in London is very interested in my Palanca-winning novel. He has compared it to an early work of Neal Stephenson when he requested for the full manuscript. I am very nervous as fuck. Please pray to all your gods that my obra maestra gets picked up and I get a good deal.


TWO. I am writing: 1.a  full length screenplay (should clock around 120 minutes) and, 2. a full length stage play (around 70 minutes) and, 3. a new novel (the usual 14o, 000 words). My first novel that is still in the sock drawer will remain in that drawer. This, on the other hand, is going swimmingly and it is just a matter of writing down the words. As for the screen- and stage-plays,  the usual note taking is in progress but I am nearing the end of Act 1 for both. So, go me!


THREE. I plan on getting myself a Moscot Hyman, the very same that I am currently wearing, because why fuck with perfection?


FOUR. The Español book festival that I have started since that Eurotrip has been extended. Four more titles are arriving  by Monday and I cannot wait to devour them all. I must say that our former colonizers have much to offer when it comes to modern literature being the descendants of Cervantes. I am reading about a book a week all thanks to the daily train commute to Brooklyn and the one hour lunch break at the office (when I read instead of socialize).


FIVE. It is still warm in this part of the woods. Like people are in shirts and shorts and Birkenstock earlier when we had breakfast.


See you in a few. Pray to your gods.