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Spring sunlight with matching hours, sunrise before 7 AM and sunset after 6 PM. But still in the mid-40s. Last Christmas, we were at mid-70s, wore shorts, and turned on the AC units. Today, 4 layers of clothing and a beanie with matching heaters.
I just want to go home and drink a bottle of Rioja and write. Notes on bond papers, the moleskin, and 3 different sizes of Post Its are written down just before I sleep and immediatelty after waking up. The manuscript is written during the zen hours of 6 to 9 PM before Joy gets home. Sometimes more after dinner when she is also on her laptop. I only need to write 2 pages a day as weekends are very productive. You cannot imagine how I can’t wait to print the first draft and read it from the first to the last page.
There’s the other project that needs a summary, though. If only…
Now I wait for 5 pm so I can read on the way home and buy a bottle or two of Rioja.


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I just need 23 pages and then I am done. Line edits and proofreading of will be there course, but these are just basically tuning up.

I have reread everything from page 1 and so far, I am loving what I read. 23 fucking pages is all I need. The thing is, I have already written down the final stage direction and the final monologue that would usher in “curtain falls” so it is just a matter of working backwards. Yes, this  stage play is Aristotleian in nature and the ending is both unexpected and inevitable. You know, like a fucking proper ending.

Now I write before the NYT Sunday edition lands by the door.


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First day of spring. And I care not because right now, I only need to write 29 pages of monologue that would compose Act 3 of the stage play. 29 fucking pages. After, I write a summary for the other project. And the kicker is that writing Act 3 and that summary will need the same kind of commitment. I really have a hard time writing summaries because if a story could be written as a one-pager, why tell it in 90?


Anyway, now I read all the backlogs (the current thrillerfest book, the Sunday NYT, the NYT magazine, Esquire mag, NYT Style, theguardian.com) and then prep the manuscript for tomorrow’s writing. Onwards, bravely to page 62. Imagine that, in less than a month, I will have  a full-length stage play.


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• Spring weather at 76 degrees F, 30 defgrees more than the usual.

• Everyone at the office wants to go to the beach, any beach.

• Slept for 9 hours, uninterrupted. Might have beaten this jetlag thing via: yoga, 2 glasses of wine, 1 hour of DVR’d comedy, sleeping on the floor on the yoga mat & a comforter. Also, did not have dinner.

• Avoiding carbs like hell. The last one was congee on the plane. Enjoying how I can move again. Plus, less expenses.

• Now I earn some Benjies.


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At Hong Kong International Airport having beer and real food. Hainanese chicken rise and Tsing Tao. I love that hot food could be had in here complete with the sights and sounds of the cooks doing the cooking. The rest of the world has much to learn.
The trip so far was an exercise in making Philippine taxi drivers pay for all the atrocities they have committed before Uber and Grab came along. I honestly get a kick watching an empty taxi slow down, come to a full stop, ask which way I am going without getting an acknowledgment of his being in existence. How do you feel now fuckers when at the receiving end of being ignored. On a good day I would make pretend conversation with my wife and drop the line: “Ang baba ng Uber a, di pa sila bastos.”
Ah, the 75th birthday. We had lechon and bistek and lapu-lapu and fried chicken and fried pork and steamed veggies. Kalde-kalderong kanin. Before and after, I did the marketing of all our meals. Yellow fin tuna, samaral, laing, ginataang langka with crabs. For breakfast, it was tinapa and hotdogs in silog. Instant Nescafe coffee with pan de sal and cheezy. (The mother in law can’t drink coffee unless it is boiling so brewed coffee is out of the question.)


Family and friends are all alright with the kids getting bigger by the year.
Learned to use the fountain pen again courtesy of the erpats. A classic Parker with a converter.
Act 1 of the stage play has been edited and I am so glad that everything has been tidied, 46 pages worthy being in the final draft. Act 2 is coming along nicely and Act 3 has been party written. This is one of those things when the ending manifested itself mid-way in the writing of Act 1. So fucking huzzaaah, I am going to have written a full length play this April.
Met the people that mattered and shared food and beer with them.
Saw 3 art films on the way home and will attempt another 3 on this trip. Failing that, I have Alfar’s latest short story collection, plus the latest issue of Granta. The iPad is loaded with 8 screenplays that I have always wanted to read, like Ex Machina and Relatos Salvajes.
Now I grab more beer and read until boarding time. See you in a few.