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Above normal temperature at 72 degrees F. And with the sun out, this day is looking great.
The guest dog has finally let me sleep. I discovered that she likes to make her bed on the biggest pillow in the house, so I brought the biggest pillow up on the loft but placed it on the floor. Everybody happy.
Two of the four titles I ordered from amazon.com is arriving tonight. Also, a DVD of the latest Mission Impossible from Netflix. Over take out lamb offal soup, even tonight is going to be perfect.
All these, of course, are just distractions for the next short story that I have yet to begin writing. Spring and summer are not good season to write to. All my winning works were written during the winter when all things look serious.

Now back to work.


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12 consecutive days of below normal temperature for the month of May and everyone is going apeshit. The murderous clouds do not help, as do the carnivorous rain that began and ended the workweek. Imagine slugging through the subway crowd at 8 AM fully jacketed and carrying an umbrella just like the thousands of other passengers.

We’ve been to Momosan the fourth time. Still having the best food and service.

Remember: there is no politician worth severing a friendship over.

I wish I was home for a book launch that contained my latest story to be published, one of the monthly goals that I had last year.

Now we go for an early dinner before Joy leaves for Europe and I am left all alone with our guest, Snapples, for the whole week.


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So I wrote a 140, 000-word novel which won the grand prize in the nation’s premiere literary contest. And the premise of that award-winning novel is this: why is it that we Filipinos, who has the most sensitive bullshit detecter ever known to man, gets the same motherfucker as our president every single election year?

This year, we are yet faced with the same cast of clowns running for the highest seat in the republic. And as always, the rule of thumb is to vote for the lesser evil, meaning, everyone running for the presidency is evil to begin with. If you think about it, this reality is infuriating. Why do we always have to settle?

As a voter who intends to vote, these are my wish list (the operative word being ‘wish’ of course) of who should be president:

  1. Someone who has a firm grasp of the reality of the day-to-day existence of the middle class. And by middle class, I mean not just the dwellers in Makati, Cebu, and Davao but also of the entire republic. If this is given the attention it deserves, something extraordinary could happen in four years.
  2. Someone who has an even firmer grasp of the reality of the day-to-day existence of the lower class, those living in and below the poverty line. This class has been exploited for the longest time, being farmed by most politicians in the guise of charity to be used as voters. Unless they are given a chance to get out of their plight, no amount of success by the few will make the country a great nation.
  3. Someone who knows our place, as a nation with a huge human resource, in world economics. The fate of our nation depends not just on our president but also on the presidents of the most powerful nations on earth. This is a fact. How we handle our bargaining chips at the negotiating table–and I believe we are handling the bluest of the blue chips–could radically alter our future. Example, the US because of political will, has started to severe its dependency on oil making what was once called as liquid gold be worth shit these days. On the other hand, the US, and the rest of the first world nations, cannot survive without our caregivers, and nurses, and doctors, and therapists. Now, how do play this game so we get an upper hand?
  4.  Someone who knows the value of the arts. The irony is that while we were under the rule of the Spaniards, we were producing art that has bested the best of Europe. Today, when are free and the media has expanded to almost all conceivable forms, we are barely recognized in the art world.
  5. Someone who knows how to train his successor. This is self-explanatory and should work on many levels.

Again, we have a very uncanny bullshit detector as Filipinos. Let us use this in the coming elections.