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I’m back to writing in longhand due to the Parker fountain pen. As a result, a lot of notes for the two short stories have been piling up. Both stories have their respective titles and opening paragraphs. (My own writing advise is this one thing: make sure the title relates to opening paragraph, and that this paragraph, in turn, is the whole story.) The rest, like reveals and reversals, are being written on the bond papers. Ink on paper. Old school as fuck. And my penmanship looks amazing as well,  circa 1980s. 
Changes in the NYT are afoot. I am very afraid.


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The enemy has been defined. And it is “the immigrant” who comes to steal your job. Never mind The Economist’s study that for every immigrant the UK takes in, not only the UK but the whole of Europe, makes a profit. I guess wankers couldn’t be bothered with the facts, no sir, not when there is hatred and racism to be stoked.

I slept around midnight that Tuesday with the unofficial tally by the BBC with Remain in the lead. Only to be woken by an NYT alert that Leave won. And that Cameron has resigned. And my first thought was this: that retard Donald Trump has all the chance of winning. It is the same shit that is being peddled in this election. Assign the blame for your miserable existence to “the immigrant”.

Summer is upon us. No humidity as of yet but July is just around the corner. I couldn’t wait for fall really as this season is proving to be an endless bummer, har de fucking har. At least, the reading least for this year is getting awesome. Writing-wise, I have two short stories to finish and the screenplay to resume (finished act one this spring). I also need to start using a fountain pen, the twin that I got my father last year who bemoaned the disappearing of the fountain pen at the province’s school supplies shops.

Yesterday, bravely.

I bought two books of short stories on a wine tasting trip earlier. One is Dubliners (a fresh take by contemporary authors on the James Joyce original) and the other is the Best European Fiction 2016. Books I wish are available in paper form that my editors (and any other editor for that matter) in the Philippines. Oh, I bought 3 bottles of wine too. New world and expensive but at least I have learned how to do a tasting: avoid the tasting altogether and buy a glass (or three) of the vineyard’s bestseller. Trust me on this kids.

After, I collected my NBA Finals winning. I bet on the Cave for a full dinner (app, ramen plus extra topping, unlimited beer or sake) on the highly recommended Mu Ramen in Long Island, Queens. (Worry not, we spent Friday at Momosan, maybe our 8th or 9th visit, I really have lost count.) I got the wings and the edamame, the beef based Mu Ramen plus extra pork jowl, and Orion beer. Also sampled the clams and the U & I (do not ask, just order this) and the whole meal was insane. There is corned beef in my Ramen! And it was great! Thank you King James for a very sumptuous meal.


Church. Then I cook pancit bihon. And then we meet Joy’s Dutch clients for drinks and dinner.  Writing and reading in between.




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The summer of see-saw temperature will soon be upon us. Today, it is currently at 55 degrees F. This, at the 9th day of June 201t6. Back to sweats.

The last two weekends were spent out of the city. The long weekend was spent in Fire Island and the nearby wineries. Alcohol and oysters were had and I have learned my lesson: avoid tastings, just select from a somm’s reco and then stick with that one vintage and varietal. It is a bit more expensive but you get to really enjoy the wine. That weekend was at the 80s but not humid. The waspy women were going braless.

Last weekend was spent in Montauk, aka The New Hamptons. We saw mom and pop stores with signs saying “Under Old Management” fighting for airtime in between Corcoran and Douglas Elliman branding. I cooked and wrote and listened to stories and ate. My tapsilog and pancit bato were both hits and I couldn’t be happier. Also, met with friends, both old and new.

So far, the best of the year:

• Humans, the Broadway play

• Sweetbitter, the Novel

• Suburra, the Italian film

• New Bermuda, the Deafheaven album (last year release, but still)

See you soon. Time to earn the Benjamins.