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I’ve mentioned before that there is another cinephile in the office who makes  going to work at least bearable. We have the same enthusiasm, if not aesthetic, for good films whether it be Hollywood, indie, or foreign. Yes, the word “art” has not been mentioned once in our talks. I think we got into this when I’ve mentioned that I saw both “Following” and “Memento” in cinemas and not on streaming. So, respect. Mutual respect.

Anyway, we are putting together a google docs of what we consider as the best films to share with another officemate who has, according to us, missed a lot of good films. We shall see. This list, so far, will also be my basis to rewatch certain films via Netfilx Blu-Ray (less temptation than streaming, you have to commit putting in the disc into the player, yes, what has the world come to?).

As of tonight, I will be rewatching Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine” easily one strongest third acts in film history.

We have also talked about staging a Nicholas Cage Direct-to-Video Film Festival. We are kidding. Also, we are fucking serious.


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We are ending this month in the beach. Bermuda, the most first-world beach of them all. Very clean bathrooms, beer and chipsfrom a  stand a good distance from the shore, umbrellas for rent. No bars, no clubs, no vendors. Postcard-perfect sea.

So there will go this horrible month. August, be kind.


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So. The “Not In This Lifetime Tour” totally happened that an extra day was added when the opening night of the NY/NJ leg sold out the day it opened. As of now, a Latin America tour has been announced and I won’t be surprised if GNR takes this to Europe and Asia after.

Stadium rock was what it was complete with tailgating oldies and fireworks at the end. With the band sober as nuns, the show started on time and went around three full hours with no breaks and no speeches, aside from Axl asking if everyone is okay due to the heat advisory. The same serpentine dance, the same running from one end of the stage to the other, the same standing atop the teleprompter. All the hits from Appetite and Illusion plus two from Chinese Democracy, the carrying single that bears the album name plus “Better”, songs that at most only three of us from the audience knew. Hahafuckingha!

Axl, the usual costume change, with one time wearing a The Thing tee. Take that hipster bands with your Monocle and beards!

Slash, who was a birthday boy that very night and did an out of this world guitar play. Me and my wife flipped during the signature Godfather theme that neatly segued to “Sweet Child”.

Duff, of course, who looks the fittest of them all. His bass has the Prince symbol (in purple, of course) and wearing a Lemmy tee, and as I’ve read his biography, this man really is, the man. I did some reading after the concert and he was the one who made the reunion happen. Respect for the man with a degree in Economics and who runs marathons and does karate.

The opening act was Lenny Kravitz who was phenomenal. All the hits toom like “American Woman”, “Mama Said”, “Let Love Rule’, and of course “Are You Gonna Go My Way.”

The closing song by GNR was “Paradise City” which was pyrotechnic display of fireworks, confetti, and the background LCD screen in full visual assault.

A good time was had.




We tried Peter Luger this afternoon. Both the bacon and the T-Bone.

Bacon: Roberta’s was better.

Steak: Ben and Jack’s was better.

Oh well, can’t win them all.





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If  the temperature continues this way, today would mark a full week of heat wave. There are warning on the local TV to stay indoors and hydrated from 12 noon to 7 pm,  specially infants and the elderly. Yes, New York summer is not for the weak.
Next weekend, we fly to the beach, the pink sand that is Bermuda. This could be the first work vacation that I would like to think I deserve. I really need a break from the job and the commute and the small talk of my officemates (except for one who is as much of a film enthusiast as I am, and it has become our Monday routine to talk about films we saw over the weekend. You can’t small talk an art film, can you, when there are nuances abour POV and third act reversals and self-awareness and opening credits and whathaveyou. And an “awesome” would make a very bad criticism, indeed). Other than that, work has become work. The dishwasher need sign af the ramen shop a block away from our house looks very inviting by the day.
The Brexit alert on my iPhone via the NYT woke me up around 4 am that fateful day. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep due to the possibility that it could happen here in the US. Now, that possibility is getting more real by the day. Remember, New York is not America. I have seen some weird shit in third world elections, but not like this.
Please gods, let this endless bummer be over.


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The reading pile grows. These are the books that comprise my summer reading, in no particular order. Okay, the order is its size stacked from biggest to smallest on our center table:

  1. Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
  2. The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore
  3. I Am No One by Patrick Flanery
  4. Best European Fiction by The Dalkey Archive Press
  5. Dubliners 100 by Thomas Morris, editor
  6. Granta 136 (Legacies of Love)
  7. The Paris Review 217 (Summer Issue)
  8. I’m Gonna Pray for You So Hard (A Play) by Halley Feiffer
  9. A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay
  10. Slade House by David Mitchell
  11. The Global Minotaur by Yanis Varoufakis (yep, an economics book by the Greek socialist)
  12. Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews
  13. Voroshilovgrad by Serhiy Zhadan
  14. Perfect Days by Raphael Montes
  15. The View from the Cheap Seats  by Neil Gaiman
  16. Still the Same Man by Jon Bilbao
  17. Escape Attempt by Miguel Angel Hernandez
  18. Bad Light by Carlos Castan
  19. American Pastoral by Philip Roth (a reread)
  20. How to Make Friends and then Kill Them (A Play) by Halley Feiffer
  21. The Humans (A Play) by Stephen Karam

On the way are these books:

  1. The Effect (A Play) by Lucy Prebble
  2. The Last Days of New Paris by China Mieville
  3. Disappearance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay
  4. LoveStar by Andri Snaer Magnason

The goal is to finish these books by the end of August. Totally doable due to my Brooklyn commute. And yes, stage plays, even those that I have seen on and off-Broadway are in the list. Like a screenplay, a stage play is the best way to learn about internal conflict as one of the tricks of a brilliant stage play is to be very conscious of what is not written on the stage (ie., what is not happening on the stage) but on the readers’ minds.

Now I read.



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• Busy. Busy.
• And then there were 2. Please, let’s head straight to the debate proper.
• Will never get the craze for emojis.
• I just want to be a dishwasher in a Ramen shop.
• And also write.
• 80s days but no killer humidity. Yet.
• Weekend plans include the Met. Maybe that new Woody Allen film.


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1. My iPhone’s dying. The power jack is not conducting any power when I charge. It’s very tempting to grab an android, maybe a Blackberry. Fuck this expensive piece of badly designed shit. Bevelled camera ring! Unfucking real.

The only saving grace is that this is heavily discounted as a loyal AT&T customer (almost 90% off) and we get unlimited data, call, and text. Also, our phone bill is subsidized by Joy’s company (50% off maybe more).

But fuck apple.

2. Twice a year maintenance of our AC units and one breaks down on the second day of a heat wave advisory. Either the techs are not doing their jobs or management is ignoring their recommendations.

The last maintenance was two weeks ago. Imagine that level of incompetence.

We slept by the sofa bed downstairs. At least there is netflix before nodding off.
Onwards to good things:

1. We are watching an off-Broadway play this weekend.

2. Next weekend, we finally get to dine at Peter Luger. I am having both the bacon and the steak.

3. Also next weekend, Guns and fucking Roses! Live!


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1. July. The race to the year end is on. The only good thing is that fall is my summer. So far, no heat wave. The subway has, knock on wood, still yet to become an oven.

2. I got a multi-entry Schengen visa from the Netherlands. Here’s to hoping we could go back to Spain or Amsterdam soon. Ireland’s multi-entry visa is still good until this October so Dublin is still doable, schedule permitting.

3. Bought a couple of sketchbooks that would serve as a notebook for my next big ass project. This will be written in longhand using a fountain pen. We shall see. The two stories are shaping up nicely.

4. I am ordering more from amazon.co.uk than from amazon.com due to paperback availability, size, and cover. The latest that I have finished was the autobio by Duff McKagan which was very well written indeed. I am looking forward to American Pastoral by Philip Roth, a reread.

5. I am hoping Iceland faces Germany in the Eurocup finals. Sigor Ros versus Kraftwerk. Hahafuckingha!

6. Can’t wait to see the Gun’s N’ Roses Not In This Lifetime Reunion Tour. You’re in the jungle baby.

7. Can’t wait for this month to end. Gods, be kind to me.