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Portugal really happened. Capping this year as the busiest summer that we’ve had in all our years in New York. Also, the hottest so far as this is the first time that I celebrated a birthday in shorts and a shirt.
Back to Lisboa. We had our fill of razor clams, sardines, and tuna. Also sampled other seafood and their version of tapa calles petiscos.  Vino was also had. As well as beer.
Went upstate to celebrate my birthday where I cooked my trademarked tapsilog and bangsilog with itlog na maalat for good measure. Also grilled lapu-lapu that I was able to score from Chinatown. Of course, a shitload of beer was also had.
Writing stuff when not watching the comedy show that is the US Elections.
Awaiting a writing related news that could lead to another writing related news.
Still warm this week although the sunrise has been pushed back to around 6.40 am.