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Here’s the thing.

What makes this so infuriating is the fact that everyone expected some kind of comeuppance to him who bullied his way to the presidency.  The list of the unspeakable things he has done are legion but the highlights are: 1-questioned the strenght of the military & insulted a gold star family. 2-called for the death of a Secretary of State. 3-mocked a person with disability. 4-disparaged the reputation of Mexico. 5-sexually assaulted women and sexualized minors. 6-perverted the electoral process. 7-defrauded the government by not paying his fair share of taxes and defraudes others via his university scam. The first two alone are reasons for treason, but no, he is the fucking president.

In a fictional universe, a bad man doing bad deeds gets punished in the end.

But. This is reality.

But. Comeuppance might still happen.

1. As I’ve written previously, he still has to do all the shit that it takes to run this country. There will be advisers but the buck stops, literally, with him. You can’t just sign shit like fraudulent tax returns.

2. While doing all these things that he has no previous experience of doing and has no desire to learns, he cannot do what has been natural for him to do: insult minorities and assault women. The eyes of the world is now upon you fucker. Try grabbing a pussy now, any pussy and let’s see.

3. The white American fuckers who voted for him will see thr biggest con ever. Jobs will not come back, immigrants will not disappear, and taxes will not be lowered except for the rich (as I write this, 2 Wall Street bankers are being pencilled in as possible Secretary of Treasury).

Fuck yeah, ‘Merica!


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So here we are. A racist idiot is the leader of the free world.
I observed this election through the lens of late night comedy and opinions by real opinionators from real newspapers, mainly The Guardian, The Irish Independent, and The New York Times. And all of them got it wrong.
I stayed until 3 AM drinking 2 bottles of red wine in the hope of some redeeming 3rd act in this sickening narrative. But no. The American people elected someone who does not even want the job.
As a non-voter, I did my part in convincing 3 voters to vote and to vote for Clinton. My choice, have I been a voter would be Bernie, but that ship has sailed so we are left with no choice but the next best candidate. I made sure to text these voters during election day, demanding a proof of them voting and received a photo. I did my part. (They are friends from way back who live in a very liberal state out of NY and are confident that the bigot would not win.)
We apply for citizenship next year and lo and fucking behold this happens. Going back to Manila, ruled by another facist, is absolutely out of the question. So is not pursuing this US citizenship. The thing to do, no matter how painful is to wait this shit out.
The next day at the office, there was a weeping and gnashing of teeth and I write this not in the biblical but literal sense. Tears were shed. Our boss has to send everyone home. Me and an officemate had whiskey for lunch. The subway was quiet. Fear was in the air.
How could this happen?
My thoughts:

1. Too much reliance on data. Big data has no defense against the big lie. With all the fucking experst hired to do some analytics, nobody trusts intuition anymore. (Steve Jobs changed the world with no help from research for fuck’s sake!)

2. The mainstream media did not do its job of ignoring an infant throwing a tantrum. This idiot is not a legitimate candidate and should have been ignored since day one. But they would rather have the eyeballs and the clicks. And so this is what they get.
Is there hope? 
Yes, there is. The US is big on getting things done and this is one job that shit needs to get done. When the tim comes that it is evident that he is not doing his job, nature will take its course.