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In Uncategorized on September 10, 2017 at 7:23 am

The writing resumes.

All major characters have been named and their backstories written down, ink on paper.

Next in line is writing down “What Really Happened” — that one event that will be the heart of this novel. Two flowcharts of how this will be approached have been written down as well and I just need to think hard about each of them before I begin drafting what really happened. Once this is one, what really happened will then be parsed and scattered towards three acts. And then I can begin page one, chapter one. I don’t give myself deadline over this although I have four days all to myself and we will see if I can do this during one of those midnight to five a.m. writing sessions.

Non-writing stuff:

• Turned a year older yesterday. Celebrated with San Miguel beer and sisig at Max’s. Then bought some kitchen staples at the store next door, including fried tuyo which will be tuysilog today.

• Also headed to CostCo for refilling household staples like bath tissue and vitamins and the all important AMC cinema tickets as Oscar contenders will begin screenings soon.

• Then headed to Trader Jones for a dozen bottles of vino, mostly Malbec and Rioja and the token champagne as Mimosa ingredient.

• Finally had dinner at a neighborhood joint where I had black pasta arrabiata and Joy had hanger steak over fried rice. We both agree that there is a Pinoy in the kitchen as the beef was prepped ala tapa  — sugared and soy sauced. The fried rice was also excellent. The Rioja that we got is named Siglo. Muy excelente!

• On TV, I am looking forward to Top of the Lake: China Girl.

• As for films, I have a list culled from the NYT about all the must-sees. I’m really excited to see The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

• I have yet to see what the theater scene would be like this season.

Now I prep breakfast and grab the Sunday papers.

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