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A DISPATCH from the Catskills mountains. Day 2 of the company retreat that is unlike any company retreat slash planning sessions I have attended. A private chef cooks all of our food and I have been eating healthy, yummy foods for 2 days now. Even tried salads two meals in a row. Prosciutto and cheeses and wine are in the mix too.

I HOPE to receive a physical proof of the book anytime next week and I am really stoked. Readers from Brooklyn, Dublin, and Manila will finally get to read it and I couldn’t be happier. I want people who matter to read it and be affected, unlike airport bestsellers who are promptly forgotten.


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WE WENT to Maryland, the crab capital of these United States. Crabs and shrimps and oysters and beer were had. Of course, the day started with a pint of Guinness for breakfast at an Irish pub. As serendipity would have it, my wife sat beside a very old but very nice Irish lady at the bar of the crab restaurant for dinner and literally within seconds, they are the best of friends. Just like our wonderful time in Dublin. Serendipity continued with our waiter also being an Irish. When we pressed where in Ireland, he replied, “the part that is not England.” Ladies and gentlemen, Irish humor. Imagine having the Wildesque banter every night, for free, over pints. For me, Dublin will always be the best city in the world.


AFTER THAT same breakfast that ended around 4 PM, we chanced upon the graveyard of Edgar Allan Poe. This was a totally app free exercise. I just saw his portrait in one of the local coffee shops and then remembered. And so we hunted his grave and found it. The feeling was something akin to visiting H. P. Lovecraft’s grave in Rhode Island the second year after the great Bueno migration.  I literally grew up on the stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe as they are my bedtime stories when I was a small child. I know of “The Raven” before I could even read. Same with “The Cask of Amontillado” and all of his works really. One of my earliest memories was being read of his prose and poetry during a stormy night with a power outage. “The Tell-Tale Heart” is best told in the dark with only a flickering candle to read with.






NO PHOTOS of the crabs as I dig in the second it came. Joy has one with my hand in the frame reaching for a pair of claws. Steamed and seasoned with salt, parika, and other spices, the crabs were a perfect pair to my PBR (which, luckily, the bar serves). On the way back, I bought three packets of the seasoning for my own experiment: sometime this month, crab curry with kangkong and sitaw will be cooked and I am sprinkling that magic ingredient in the pot.

BELOW IS the final proof of the book cover with the blurbs. In less than a month, the greatest Filipino novel will be unleashed. If not for its brilliance, buy it for the author’s modesty. Har de fucking har.

Subversivo, Inc. Cover


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THE BOOK cover proof just came in and I am very happy indeed. A single visual of a Leatherman multipurpose tool with a blood spatter at the serrated edge of its needle nose. Yep, pain, baby!

I HAVE also finished the copyediting of the manuscript. My editor caught a lot of lapses like the spelling of the Seattle doom metal band Sunn O))) and the 70s drink Shoktong. Other edits I made a stet like all lower case for tech brands like facebook, twitter, etc. The AP Manual of Style and Mirriam Webster might disagree but I seriously believe that brand names, while proper nouns, should be spelled the way the brand wants it spelled.

A FULL LENGHT play is raging in my head. I don’t know if I can write it down as another short story seems to have found me and would not let go. The weather is becoming colder by the day, so we shall see. There is somt about cold weather and writing.

PHOTOS OF the book as soon as I have it.


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