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DEEP THOUGHT number 1:

The book industry is just beginning to learn what the musicians and film makers have learned long ago. That you can make your shit without compromising, that executives are there to leech off your income, that corporation cannot take risks.

DEEP THOUGHT number 2:

Everything starts with being local.


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WINTER ARRIVES today with the temperatura in the 20s. Superdry and beanies and gloves. Lots of lotion. Lots of hydration. The DMs will be taking the back seat as we both have score our very first UGGS. At least the men’s branding is not so obvert and could be hidden inside the seams of my 514 — I am the only one in Brooklyn that isn’t wearing skinny jeans.

I HAVE just approved the galley proof of the novel making the last week of this month as the release date very doable. Again, I would rather have it to be the Fugazi of novels than Maroon 5. The very few people who manages to read it will write their own novels the way I wrote one when I read that one life changing novel. So far, people in Dublin, Brooklyn, Stockholm, and of course Manila, are waiting for it. That is a good crowd, IMHO. Critical success over commercial success anytime.

TV ON the DVR: The Newsroom, The Affair, MasterChef Junior, Homeland. The stumbled upon sitcoms but very rarely. Lots of Netflix for excellent foreign films and mediocre domestic ones.

WE ARE tripping on Fairway baguette and jamon serrano from fairway. All that is needed is my pasta and a very inexpensive but heavenly dinner is upon us. We have our suki Korean of course. Plus the ramen place near our home. The server of the former and the chef of the latter will be getting cash bonuses plus a couple of cinema tickets come Christmas. Just a token of appreciation for the many excellent meals that has been had.


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SNOWFLAKE ON the iPhone’s weather app. As temperature plummets so does the mood. Cloudy skies and all that. Tonight we sleep with the windows on and the heater on, at least downstairs.

HAVING A go to neighborhood ramen joint rules. Tantan plus veg gioza plus Sapporo beer rule.

MORE CALLIGRAPHY exercises before sleeping. Then reading.



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