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Summer officially ends today, the first of Semptember, the last day of wearing white. The temperature is, ironically, nearing the mid 90s and very humid as if Mother Nature wants to do some last minute postscript to a relatively mild season. But I am bracing myself for winter as early as now.

We spent the long weekend at our dentist’s lakehouse somewhere in Philly. It was a backwoods cabin inside a gated community with about three lakes. The best part is the lack of wi-fi and at&t signal inside the house. I spent the whole night in the living room with only a nightlight for company as I wrote and finished a short story literally in one sitting although sometimes I stretched myself onto the sofa. The story is about a minor character in my award-winning novel, someone that is as real in my head as the main characters and I really needed to write this one. I polish it in the coming days and then submit it for publication as soon the novel is ready for publication.

I still have to write another short story though, this one based purely on scratch. Also due for submission to another magazine to coincide with the release of the novel.

The 9-to-5 in Brooklyn has now been nailed to a daily routine which could only be a good thing. As I have done the whole time I was in advertising, I make sure I arrive the earliest. This is a personal thing — I hate the feeling of not only being late but entering the office when it is already in the middle of the action. Of course I am one hundred percent productive as I keep the small talk to a minimum. I do not surf, tweet, or even check out the NYTimes at work. I spend my lunch break at my table reading books or magazines, the analog kind. And then I go back to work after half an hour or less. As I have always said, be indispensable. Make them miss you once you’re gone.

The year is almost over and I am very happy to note that this is one of the worst summers so far as far as Hollywood is concerned. Well, I spent most of my movie going experience watching art films so I know that at the very least, my money went to better films. So far, my best of the year goes to “Only Lovers Left Alive.” The award season will kick off soon and I hope I see something even more cerebral than this.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Palanca. To the first-timers, welcome to the fold. Please finish that novel as the category opens next year, and time indeed really flies fast when you are writing, and a novel at that.

Now I have to read and write.


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YEP, AUTUMN is upon us.

(WordPress has changed its interface again. This time using a monospaced font which could only be good. The internet, in the year 2014, is finally adapting what has been SOP by printed publications for ages. Imagine that, early adopters.)

SO AUTUMN in New York although we still have about two weeks before Labor Day, the last day of wearing white by those who wears white. The temperature is in the 60s on the way to work and 70s on the way back. I plan to wear a blazer during dinner tonight. It’s Friday after all and I just got my first paycheck. Withdrew it in Benjamins, gave half to the wife, and will save a dollar to be framed.

THE KRAKEN of a novel that has won the beauty contest is being prepped to be finally unleashed by winter. Three writers, all former winners by the same beauty contest, are kind enough to blurb the book. Winning the beauty contest is nothing but chance (all have a chance to win it, I just chanced it last year) but it is amazing how other winners are welcoming when I asked for help. The others though, those with zero medals, wow, those are the ones who have no time to even answer my query. And they thought that that beauty contest is incestuous. I say, win one, preferably “GRAND PRIZE FOR THE NOVEL” and then you will understand.

THE NOVEL category opens next year. I am willing to share my insights to anyone who asks. I think aside from a killer idea, two very important points need to be met for a chance of getting a medal. This thinking was honed by my advertising experience when winning beauty contests are a yearly war.

OH, WE are doing Bikram Yoga now. Joy is better, if that is the word, than me. But sweating is very nice indeed.

NOW WE drink and dine to my first paycheck.


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TODAY I said yes to permanent employment. In Brooklyn. I will be doing what I have been doing for the last month or so. Plus some desktop work, on a mac, thank fucking gods. This is a big fucking deal and I will frame a token dollar from my first paycheck. The kicker is that everyone in the office thinks I deserve the position because “I am a happy person”. Which is a good thing because I can do happy.

ONWARDS TO citizenship now that I am taxpayer.


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